Random Acts of Kindness



32 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Skewed or not, I vote for Junior’s definition of “random”. 😉 This very well may be my all time favorite picture and post, Tots! I think I’ll post it on my FB page. Do you FB? If so, find me: george L weaver.


      • Toss, you are my “standard”. I get around to your blog when I get around to it, but I don’t forget who you are. Intelligent, creative, independent thinkers are rare in any “denomination”. Lord knows, most folks have some gimped up agenda. You provide me with my dose of un-politically correct honesty. Thanks.


        • Thank you, George. I must be doing alright for you to tell me that. And it’s funny that this phrase ‘Random Act of Kindness’ is used so frequently nowadays. Folk used to be better back in the day but now they have to be reminded to be kind.


  2. Too funny, Totsy. And you know, it really is still considered a RAOK; maybe you get extra crowns, though, for doing something nice for a terrible person? 😉

    Hope you are well!

    ~ Cara


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