We’re Off to the Races, Folks

“Sing, America” Collage/Watercolor on paper. Copyright 2012 Totsymae/Background Text: I, Too, Sing America by Langston Hughes

Now that both conventions are over, we’re on the campaign trails of President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. I, ladies and gentleman folks, have been invited to participate in a PBS special, Race 2012, by Monica Medina of Monica’s Tangled Web. I’m so excited about this invitation ’cause it gives me a creative opportunity to write and compose new art applicable to a pivotal time in our history. Thank you again, Monica.

With that said, I hope you’ll join me for a series of posts, starting October 2 and each Tuesday thereafter, leading to the election as I delve into race and politics in the way that I try to do. Honestly. I’m even considering taking Beatrice from Apt. 7B along with me. I could use the company out here on the trail. As long as she’s not trying to take over, she can hang. Know what I’m saying?

I know folks from other countries occasion this little blog, so you’re more than welcome to hone in. Race and elections aren’t just an American thing, you know. I look forward to your thoughts, whatever they may be. Also, there will be other bloggers and artists joining in, so you’ll get to hear more folk than me. I’ll add links to my Tuesday posts so you won’t be out there in virtual wonderland not knowing where to go after you leave my place. Okay? You won’t need a map or nothing. Just click the link and be on your merry way.

Now. When you do come over to my place, I’ll have some virtual desserts and punch set out. Remember what your mama taught you, folks. Don’t come on an empty stomach trying to gobble up everything in the vicinity. Alright? This is more about feeding your brain anyhow.

I’ll see you good folks around real soon. And shut the door tight on your way out. These flies ain’t no joke down south.

46 thoughts on “We’re Off to the Races, Folks

  1. Totsy, I’m so excited you’re participating in this important project! I’m excited, too, about your plan to post every Tuesday through October. As always, your art is exquisite. What a tribute to a great man! Race 2012 will be all the richer with you on board. Thanks for doing this! 🙂


  2. That sounds like an extremely exciting opportunity. I’ll be sure to try and pop my head around the corner on a regular basis,


  3. The painting is fierce! How much, and when can it be ready? Seriously! I love the theme, and love the poem “I Too, Sing America”. Looking forward to being part of this project as well as reading your posts.


    • Thanks, Somer. The painting is done and finished. I’ve been holding onto it since 2009. I don’t know when I intend to sell it. Maybe next year.

      I keep changing my theme and hope to stick with this one awhile since I know how to change the header.


  4. Hi Totsymae,

    Total awesomeness! I love that painting and the background is sheer genius. Langston would be proud. Haven’t been around in forever and so must also compliment you on the blog format, I can dig it. Congratulations on Race 2012, I will be hanging on your every word :).


    • Thanks for the compliment. I’ve had this painting for about as long as Obama’s been in office. I may do another down the road. You don’t have to steal it if you’ve got a chunka change in your pockets when I’m ready to release it. 🙂


    • Beatrice is already plotting ideas. Even went out and bought herself a bathing suit. I just know she doesn’t plan on presenting herself on this blog in a two-piece. 🙂

      Glad you like the painting. Thank you.


  5. What a fantastic painting. I’m on board for race 2012 and I am so happy Monica asked me to join in. We’re on this road together, I’m working on my first post, hoping it is happy yet, strong. Love your blog.


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