Too Legit to Quit

Rosie, O’Donnell that is, is like The Terminator, people. She won’t quit and she’s back on the air with a new talk show, co-hosting with NeNe, from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I hope she doesn’t screw it up this time. Not that I’m crazy about you Rosie but you’re okay in a way like dessert. You’re good until I can no longer snap my pants together. In other words, you can be too much sometimes but I’m tuning in to see who you’re ranting on.

Today, she and NeNe were hosting Anderson Cooper’s show since he’s in the middle east, and made the big announcement. I’m not one to be in people’s business, no more than my job as a National Hollywood Gossip Correspondent (NHGC) allows me to be but I’m a tad curious about what happened with Oprah and Rosie. I’ve gotten word on the street but I want to hear it from one of the horses mouths. Know what I mean? We won’t harp on that sour note, however.

I do want you to boycott that reality show with Bobbie Christina and her aunt. I’m so off-put with it, I won’t even put a link here. I can’t recall the name of it exactly. Something about being on their own. A few weeks ago, I caught snatches of it and that aunt…Whitney’s manager and sister-in-law, is a slithering snake. Do you realize they were filming for that show three months after Whitney was laid to rest? And she, the aunt, has the audacity to say Bobbie Christina is still grieving and she’s concerned. Oh, really?

Now, you know Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber broke up, right? As if we were really expecting to see her walking with a train down the aisle. I mean, really. Very few relationships last in Hollywood, or on Main Street, for that matter. But it is official that Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together. They are in love, people. You can’t fight love, is all I’ll say on that but we’ll see.

And people, did you see Hammer get his groove on at 50 ontstage? He’s been through a financial war zone and is still too legit to quit.

That’s a wrap, people. I’m online shopping for my dress to wear to Jennifer Aniston’s wedding. I do believe that marriage will last and am ever so happy for her. I don’t have a wedding date set for the Bradgelinas. They keep toying with the media about marriage but as it stands to date, they’re still shacking up.


Beatrice from Apt 7B


19 thoughts on “Too Legit to Quit

  1. Rosie seems to be calmer now, had to watch all the clips. Like you I am only able to take just so much of her.

    I don’t know about the whole Rihanna and Chris Brown thing, doesn’t she know one a man lays violent hands on a woman it will happen again. This is such a terrible risk for her, no matter how long the honeymoon period those fists will fly.

    Poor Bobbi Christina, she has seen so much in her young life and now no one to protect her. I wish her father would step in but maybe that is asking to much.


    • She is calmer and let’s hope she stays that way because it will benefit her and the people who want to be on board with her.

      I don’t think once a woman beater is always a woman beater. Not that I’ve tested that but Chris needs help and so does Rihanna. They’re both young and rehabilitation is possible. Rihanna is a risk to herself.

      My daughter watched the reality show once and said it was boring. I watched three epsiodes and I agree.


  2. I love Rosie too. I thought she was best on her radio show though. There is something so real about her that comes through when she isn’t worried about appearance. That whole heart attack episode must have been scary though. Did you see her on Dr. Oz?


    • You know, I like Ellen. Not that I’m comparing gay talk show hosts because I live Dr Phil. Ellen is just cool and doesn’t try hard. She’s natural and I suppose it’s because she’s not loud that I like her sooo much. I saw Rosie on Dr Oz awhile back and I think she revisited him but I didn’t see that one. I like Dr Oz and watched him religiously at one time but he’s so hyper, he made me nervous. Not a healthy thing for me.


  3. I don’t know how I would keep up on all of that hollywood stuff if it wasn’t for you. Sure would like the down low on Rosie and Oprah. Be sure to let us know when you get the dish.


  4. Sometimes I really like Rosie. Sometimes she makes me tired. I don’t tweet or twitter so that whole subject is just over my head. NeNe is sort of cute, but I’ve never watched the Atlanta housewives. I’m glad Jennifer is getting a husband. I don’t care much about Brad and Angie because she sucked out all his “hawt”. Poor Whitney. Her no-count relatives would be a whole lot to deal with.


    • Rosie makes her partner tired too. It’s not just us. Totsy tweets but not too much. I’ve caught a few shows of Housewives of Atlanta. I like NeNe okay. She’s ambitious and I can’t help but admire that. Boy am I ever glad for Jennifer. To break up publicly so many times. I don’t think I could handle that myself but what else can one do? No-count describes that aunt precisely.


    • You don’t like NeNe? I thinks she’s okay. She is overbearing but so are many of the women on those reality shows. She’s gracing the cover of Ebony Magazine and went out there to get her hustle on. I’m not mad at her at all. I rather like her, actually.


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