Changing Tunes

I’m getting to a different place with this blog. At least, for now. I have even pondered the idea of discontinuing the blog. I’m just not sure where I am with that yet. As of now, however, I do need a time out to deliberate and reflect on what the outcome may be. In due time, I shall either change directions or delete the blog.

Thank you so very much for hanging out with me all this time. Will see you later, folks.


17 thoughts on “Changing Tunes

  1. Totsymae, whatever you decide I want you to know that I’m very glad I found your blog and had the chance to get a glimpse of your personality and your talent. I hope that there will always be an opportunity to follow your journey in one way or another. Good luck in reaching a decision that you feel is the best for you.


  2. A woman’s gotta do what she needs to do…I love women who listen to their souls. There are no Blog Cops, Totsy. As you come and go, we’ll catch you. Now if you tell me that was you singing that fabulous tune, I’d have to ask what you’re doing hanging around here!


  3. I have often times felt the same way. I’m sure you will find your way with the Blog. it’s okay to take a break from it all for a while; there’s more to life than blogging, at least that’s what The Wife tells me 🙂


  4. Hey, Tots, I hear you. I’m not at the point of considering getting rid of my blog, but I know for sure I have to back off. I have a another book to write and it’s not happening while I’m messing around here!

    Whatever you do, you’ll do the right thing. You’ve got one hell of a fine head on those fine shoulders of yours! 🙂 Love ya!


  5. Totsy, I’m feeling “the thrill is gone” myself. I really struggle to turn out one post a week and I used to feel a joy writing daily almost. If you stop, I’m going to miss you very much. You have brightened up my life on numerous occasions. You are funny, talented, smart, beautiful and sassy. I just think blogging wouldn’t be nearly as much fun if you weren’t around. But honey, do what’s best for you and please remember, I love you Girl!


  6. I’m aligned with you, Totsymae! Blessed to receive your gifts when you share them, but I know that God will ultimately direct you where your gifts are most needed. (I owe you many thanks for helping me unleash my beautiful bikini-body via your wonderful art.) I think that I’ll always reflect on that photo when I am on the beach…or in a swimsuit for that matter. 🙂


  7. I would be sad to see you go, as I’ve just recently discovered you. I would hope you’d at least consider a site for your art, where you don’t need to blog or post constantly – others should have the pleasure of your work, even if they can’t “hear” your voice. Best wishes in whatever you choose and Godspeed…many blessings!


  8. Do what feels right for you, Totsy. We love you and we’ll miss you if you go, but we gotta let you fly if your wings are ready.

    I’ve loved every quirky word and those damn fine paintings, that’s for sure.

    Stay well.


  9. pssst. It’s the Melancholically Manic Mouse here. shhhh. I hide out in the other blog but this is my “real” identity or me trying to fluff my feathers with writing about my so-called profession, if I have one.

    Anyway, I hear ya Totsy. I hear ya lady. I really do. I’ve thought about this so much with my own personal blog. And even now, I’m wondering why in the hell did I open this new one. Oh right, I was trying to impress for a job interview that I DID get! 😀

    But, I really hope you don’t leave us. I’ve loved your blog since the day I ran into it. One of the first posts I remember reading (if I remember correctly) is when you and your sister would smell the chair a former crush sat on as a test.

    You’re wonderful and your work has inspired me so much. I’m one of your biggest fans, albeit my tiny three-foot frame. Well, if you do leave, please keep in touch. Yes? At least I have you on Facecrack now… I mean Facebook. 😉

    I took a two-month hiatus from my other blog and it felt GREAT! So I would recommend a break before flat out deleting. In fact, please don’t delete. This is a beautiful archive or a part of your life and your work!

    Love Paula/Paz/Mouse


  10. Hi Tots, I’m going to be speaking at a WordPress conference here in Australia about blogging in a few weeks’ time. The topic I’ve chosen is the cycles of blogging, the ups and the downs, the times when we’re eager and when we’re not.

    It’d be good to get your views too, eg, why you’re contemplating a change. I’ll come back and check the comments here, or you can drop me a line me at

    Happy to get others’ views too.

    Best wishes, SGC x


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