More Music and Art & a Little Less Talk

I have another game. First, I have to tell you the answer to the previous game we played. The image in that post for the first game is a portrait of Marilyn Monroe. The music artist is Sheila E. Did the words of the song match up with her life a little? They did to me. Anyhow, Sheila E is one helluva drummer and always looks sexy while doing it. The E stands for Escovedo and her father is Pete Escovedo, also a musician. If you’re familiar with Prince, you may recognize the Minneapolis sound. If you don’t know Prince’s music, you have been terribly deprived and I feel so deeply sorry for you. Congrats to Linda, at The Good, The Bad, The Worse. She guessed everything right. She is one hip diva. Not that the rest of you aren’t. She’s just probably more hip or something like that. She probably takes diva pills or wears a patch. Who knows…

Anyhow, watch Sheila E perform Glamorous Life and do her thing on the drums in this video:

To go on with our game today, we’re recognizing another musical talent. I surely hope you haven’t been deprived twice. If so, I’m gonna have to write out a bootleg prescription for some Get A Life. I just had me some the other day. The low dosage, that is. It really should be easy, folks. Β For the prize, I’m gonna blow you a nice little kiss.


19 thoughts on “More Music and Art & a Little Less Talk

  1. Definitely in the “un-hip” club. Although being from Minneapolis I have a passing familiarity with Sheila E and his music. Not enough to have identified it though. This one is totally out of my league. PLEASE get me a life! πŸ™‚


    • Dang, Lisa. I’m at a loss for words. I tell you what, I’m forming up an Un-Hip Club and you can join your local chapter. It’s free and right around the corner. No excuses to not join. We’re gonna get you straight. LoL!!


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