Ego Trippin’

I’ve been busy minding my business and a coupla other folk. Not you but if you want, I can…Well, on second thought, we’re fine the way we are. One thing I hate is to be sorry I got to know somebody that I didn’t wanna to get to know in the first place. Not you, but you know what I mean. Kinda like being able to smell a skunk a mile away but going ahead to touch the damn thing to make sure it’s really a skunk. But I don’t wanna be reminded of what I don’t wanna remember, so let’s move on.

Why have I been so slow posting these days? Well, ’cause I’ve been slow. I was gonna fabricate a real tall tale but I don’t feel much like lying to you today. Maybe tomorrow or next week. It takes a clear mind to remember a lie and as it’s getting on the late end of the day, I’m feeling cloudy with a forecast of sleep coming on.

And since I’m so deeply concerned with your time, and mine especially, I’m not gonna hog your evening, day or whatever, with a long blog post. Time is precious and I realize you’re committed to visit other blogs. Though, while I certainly appreciate you dropping by, I’m deeply honored you’d forgo your laundry, leave dishes in your sink or what have you, to entertain me. That’s so very, very special on both our parts, really. Me, writing and you, reading and responding. We’re both gonna get so much out of this one day in the future, which I hope comes sooner for me than for you since I had to do all this writing and whatnot. I’d be dishonest if I said otherwise and I know you wouldn’t appreciate that, so there it is.

Anyhow, I dug this painting from the archives.  I hope you don’t mind but you must not since you’re here. After all, you could be walking your dog or hanging out with your kids but right now, reading my blog is more important…I guess.

"Mr Piano Man" Oil on Canvas. 2013 Copyright Totsymae

“Mr Piano Man” Oil on Canvas. 2013 Copyright Totsymae


26 thoughts on “Ego Trippin’

    • Off to another adventurous excursion, are we? Be safe but you’ve been all over. I don’t have to tell you that. I’m gonna start calling you the female Robinson Caruso. May have his last name spelled wrong. You know, he was in the Gilligan Island’s theme song.

      And a pleasure to have you visit and me visit those wonderful places you take your readers on.


  1. Yes, I know what you’re talking about re: the “skunks”. They seem to be all over. 🙂 Thanks for the lovely comment and visit on my blog and glad to have met you. Love that painting. It’s really beautiful. 😀


  2. reading your blog is always important. Kinda like putting money in the bank, except ya can’t make withdrawals.
    Love the painting. It in itself was worth it 🙂


    • Why, I think it’s important too. Thank you for thinking likewise. 🙂 Glad you like my early stab at oil. I’m doing larger pieces now and will post soon as I can. Some mixed media stuff.


  3. Totsy, we love whatever you post. You make every single sentence entertain us. It’s a gift. I’m sure you work hard, but to me it seems like you just sit down and the post comes out this way, perfectly. That’s how I picture it. I really wish I could do that.


  4. Totsy, no one writes a post like you do. Your voice, your style shines through in whatever you write. And, of course, I love your art. Oh, and funny you should mention doing laundry. That’s what I’m in the middle of right now! Gotta go and put my things in the dryer. tee hee!


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