Get Behind Thee, We’re Headed to Hollywood

Beatrice Goes Hollywood. Copyright 2013 Totsymae

Beatrice Goes Hollywood. Copyright 2013 Totsymae

Totsy has decided to lay low, while I rise to fame. Get behind thee, Denzel and feel the breeze as I pass through but not too far, Baby. I really don’t mind a slight brush against the rear, okay?

I am loving myself today, people. Love is in the air, somewhere and so is racism. Isn’t that right, Paula? That’s Missus Dean, if you’re nasty and have a fluency in throwing racial epithets. You haven’t disappointed me, as I’ve been watching you closely before these revealing events came to Hollywood light. My southern queen of butter and heart attack food,  I hope you’re held to the fire and burn on the witness stand. I hope the mirror that’s being held to you cracks and sends you to settle on your porch swing with knitting needles as you assess yourself. There’s nothing worse than getting caught and put on public blast for being yourself, is there Paula?

As for you, Melissa Etheridge, I want you to take back what you said about Angelina being a coward for undergoing a double mastectomy. No, that’s not the word you used but it boils down to the same thing. What I’d like to know is what does her decision about her body have to do with you? What makes you the queen of decision-making for women who may or not get breast cancer? I need you to take a back seat, put duct tape on it and mind your business. Stop judging Ms. Jolie based on what you decided to do with your body. We have enough of that going on in Washington, okay? Don’t make me get controversial on this blog. I’m here to flaunt my glory and here you are getting me into the neck-rolling business.

And last but not least, Oprah. I’m going to need you to cancel those Tyler Perry shows on your network. Yes, you’ve got serious programming issues, with enough self-help episodes to drive a person to eventually slit their wrist, but I really need you to pull the plug, rug or whatever. I’m just not feeling it…Ooh! Was that you, Denzel?

21 thoughts on “Get Behind Thee, We’re Headed to Hollywood

  1. Bea baby! If Denzel gets a look at you in this blog today he’ll be brushing by verrrry closely! You are looking mighty fine! You are also right on the money with all three of those vents.


      • No, I simply don’t think she is a ‘hero’ for what she did and I don’t worship at her feet. Sorry, the test she took is too expensive for most women to take, it is not covered by 95% of insurance policies. The surgery she had is considered elective, thus also not covered by insurance, thus also not affordable by most women. The new perfect replacement breasts? Well those are also elective, most cancer surviors don’t get those as they are not covered by insurance.

        In fact even women who have breast cancer cannot elect to have a double, even if they run a better than 50% chance of getting cancer in the other breast. They have to wait till they actually get it.

        So no, Angelina is not a hero. She is rich. She could afford the very best medical tests, medical options and care.

        Yes, I get it. She brought awareness and her surgery was painful. However, other women cannot choose this. So what difference does it make?


          • Not resentment, but for all the women in this nation who cannot afford to come out of pocket to pay for it, whose insurance will not pay for it it is a slap in the face. For all the women in this nation who cannot afford to pay for this surgery out of pocket and who have been denied by the insurance carrier, even when they are battling cancer, it is a slap in the face. For all the women in this nation who have had reconstruction surgery denied by their insurance carrier and cannot afford it, it is a slap in their face.

            Resentment, no but to say she is a hero when tens of thousands of women continue to die, for lack of care. I find I simply cannot see her as a hero.


              • First, I am a man so I know nothing about breast cancer although I have don’t “extensive” research of breast. My point seriously is this in reply to Valentine. I hear what you are saying and true enough its a travesty that healthcare provisions aren’t there and a treatment that could dramatically diminish the occurrence of cancer isn’t widely affordable or even universally available.

                Cancer is big business and with most big business cash is king. Still, Ms Jolie isn’t the bad guy here. Do you suggest that she should have not taken advantage of the opportunities money afford simply because most cannot afford it? Should she have become the mammary gland martyr for all women ? Hoisting herself up on her own petard? No. What good is money if you can’t harness its power.

                Hate insurance companies, a multi billion dollar cancer business, and our own flawed society for putting a price tag on the human condition.


              • Jerry did say it best, I don’t hate her. Was simply tired of seeing her touted as a hero for doing what she could afford to do when tens of thousands of women could not. Good for her for choosing to save her own life, would that all the other women could do so.


  2. Paula Deen is one of the many reasons I won’t visit the South. Beatrice, you look amazing as always. You are too fine for Denzel, Girl. Why not go for the top? (Obama?) Yeah, well, he’s married too, but so what.


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