Hanging in There

Manga Anime Studio and Photoshop Illustration. Copyright 2013 Totsymae

Manga Anime Studio and Photoshop Illustration. Copyright 2013 Totsymae

OMG, folks! I have just been feeling awful. Simply awful (Back of the wrist touches the forehead while flopping to the Lazy Boy).  Though, I’ll spare you and not go into it. I know you wanna know and if I felt any better and wanted your sympathy, I’d not spare you the details. But I’m still feeling like I’ve got water in my ears, so I don’t know how loud or low I may sound to you. Can you even hear me?

I was feeling well enough to shop for two days, however. Maybe that’s what brought this Southern Belle to a dramatic end. Why, I was just at the store a spell ago and I thought I’d faint. That I’d go SPLAT! right in the middle of the 20 Items or Less Checkout. I was feeling all hot and whatnot. I don’t know if it was on account of me thinking of my milkshake I’d left in the car that I was in a hurry to get  back to but I do declare folks, I felt downright better once I drowned my face in it. I’m sure it would’ve been an awful sight had I looked in the mirror but I didn’t want to bring that kinda shame on myself.  Oh, don’t act like it’s just me who’s ever done this…I wonder if I’d be pushing my luck if I went for another milkshake being that I’m lactose intolerant and whatnot. Thing sure was good.

What makes you sick that you can’t get enough of? Your wife…hubby? Tell ole Totsy. Your secret’s safe with me (wink, wink).


19 thoughts on “Hanging in There

    • I have to confess it was a mini shake from Wendy’s. You get them free until December with a dollar purchase of a key tag. Not like I’m in a position to pass up a deal, good or bad for me. so I went for it. I shant make a daily habit of it though.


  1. For me its lactose too in the form of ice cream, sour cream, butter, and milk. Funny, I can eat cheese, but all else is an abomination.

    Had a pineapple malt, the other day and that night I was startled awake by own flatulence. I thought it was a drive by but I live in Irvine, O.C..

    if I venture anything more than about 12-16 ounces I am confident would create global warming over my home and a critical mass hole in the ozone.


    • And you know, eating late makes you have bad or weird dreams. I have weird enough thoughts without adding it to my unconsciousness in sleep. Age will slow us down from eating and doing a whole lotta things. A little inconvenient, wouldn’t you say?


  2. Cherries. And it’s cherry season. They make me terribly sick. I just stand over them at the grocery store and inhale.

    I tell you what. You have some cherries for me, and I’ll have a milkshake for you. But I wouldn’t leave it in the car.


  3. I can eat watermelon until I’m ready to spring a leak. I love to dance, too. But if I get too exuberant, I pay for it the next day. Oh, do I pay.

    Try almond sweetened vanilla milk for your shakes. Put frozen bananas in there to make it thick. They are yummy and better for your tummy…


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