Chicken Noodle Soup for Women

Digital Art / Copyright 2013 Totsymae

Digital Art / Copyright 2013 Totsymae

  • Wear clothing that’s appropriate for your body type. Don’t trust yourself to pick out anything with the assurance that you’ll look good in it. You are not beyond help. Understand that there’s a support group for badly dressed women folk.
  • Don’t be desperate for anything, especially a man. They are a dime a dozen, honey. Though, if desperation is part of your lifestyle, go to a foreign country to ย get one. It’s no different from adopting a child overseas. If you can’t afford to go, know that the universe is telling you to be alone right now. Be your own best company and have wine with yourself. If you ain’t all that bad, you’ll enjoy your company.
  • Stop talking so much. You don’t need to tell everybody everything. Women who talk too much generally haveย hemorrhoids and no real friends to speak of. They are also judgmental, demanding and high maintenance.
  • Stop joining up with these feminists. They don’t shave their underarms and look like they’ve been sucking rocks when they get up in age. Preserve yourself for a good cause. Be a humanist.
  • Don’t be so quick to say ‘I don’t get along with women folk.’ย The reason you feel this is so is ’cause you’re typically a trouble-maker and think everybody else is the problem. Every woman ain’t the same, unless they’re feminists, who are, by the way, cliquish and had to find their identity in books authored by folk they don’t know personally. Understand that if your slogan is that you can’t get along with other women folk, you got problems you refuse to recognize about yourself.

28 thoughts on “Chicken Noodle Soup for Women

  1. “Though, if desperation is part of your lifestyle, go to a foreign country to get one. Itโ€™s no different from adopting a child overseas.” You know, I adopted my son from overseas — Maybe next time I’ll look south of the border for a husband, too. the adoption worked out well!


    • I used to say I was somewhat of a feminist but backed out of it altogether. Feminists don’t always look at the entire picture to me. Plus, I didn’t wanna look like I’d been sucking on rocks.


      • I don’t believe any of us have to buy into how we are painted by anyone else. I am a feminist, I believe I am healthy about the definition though. I believe in equality for all human beings, no matter their gender, orientation, age or race. I believe we all have to accept there have been inequalities and we have to work for equitable solutions, balanced and fair for all members of society. Right now, we have an inbalance and much of the power is on one side, it doesn’t mean though we shouldn’t forget justice still has to be worked for all or it doesn’t work for any. Yeah, I am a feminist.

        Sucking rocks? Will it make my cheek bones look better?


  2. “Every woman ainโ€™t the same…” Truer words were never spoken. And I say get rid of the label “feminist.” It’s been co-opted and damaged by the media and our misogynistic culture. “Humanist” is good. I think that what most feminists were all about–except the radical feminists. Problem is that the media portrayed all feminists as radical. So no woman wanted to be identified with the term. Okay, end of sociology lecture…


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