The Darnest Thing Happened

"Looky Looky" Digtial Art / Copyright 2013 Totsymae

“Looky Looky” Digtial Art / Copyright 2013 Totsymae

You’ve heard the idiom, ‘You better watch your back’ right? Literally, I should’ve been watching mine. See, what happened was, I was preparing to sit at the foot of my bed, which sits a tad high. It’s a four-poster type for folk who’re full of themselves, which is me some of the time. I can’t lie to you, folks. I have my high and mighty moments but there’s always something that’ll bring  a swift reality check.

Anyhow. As I was propping myself up there, I call myself gonna lean on one of the four posts to support me. Was I ever disappointed, folks. Soon as I figured myself to be up there good, I felt my back leaning, not into the wooden post but to the air and ‘fore I knew it, down to the floor I went.

Falling is an unfortunate event. It makes you feel slightly dumb ’cause you failed to support your own self. When you feel gravity pulling you down, there’s very little you can do but wait to land and see what ailment you’ll wind up suffering. And then, you don’t have much time to think at all if it’s a short fall. You just go BLOP and hope you don’t suffer long.

There are very few ways to break a fall. Often times when you do, it’s worse and best to go with the flow and go BLOP.  Should your best efforts prevent you from breaking that fall, you could wind up splitting or twisting a vital body part. Though, as time ages you, all parts are equally vital.  I tell you what else though. That old saying, ‘A mind is a terrible thing to waste’ comes into play too. While most falls only take seconds, if the fall is fairly long, you think all sortsa foolishness like, Whoaaa, Oh, noooo!, Good Goddy Mighty, etc… which is also why I recommend you not to break the fall. Why prolong it?  Let gravity do its thing and get it over with.

I did suffer a slight head bump on the dresser and scrape to my foot. Darn if I know how my foot landed under the bed. Seems like I just folded up suitcase-like and then opened up once I dropped. Falling is such a peculiar thing.  At the time, Little Totsy was sitting at the head of my bed and as this thing happened so swiftly, all she could do was watch me disappear down under, then said something like, “Lord hammercy, why were you even sitting down there like that?” She must think I have an answer to everything.


21 thoughts on “The Darnest Thing Happened

  1. OH dear !! gald you are not badly hurt but it’s a great story.. seems it’s the week for falls.. My beloved son was over helping me tame the hedges in my garden which were also full of briars.. my contribution was to catch my foot in a loop of briar and crash to my knees twisting both back and ankle as I fell.. My son laughed, rather too loudly for my taste, as he helped me up.. Hmmm !!


    • It’s awkward and a little funny to watch someone fall. Only the watcher gets to see everything play out as you go through the motion. At least I know my fall was. I could tell my daughter was concerned but we laughed after seeing I was okay. I hope you’re not too badly injured.


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