Good Girl Gone

Beatrice Goes Hollywood. Copyright 2013 Totsymae

Beatrice Goes Hollywood. Copyright 2013 Totsymae

Hello, people. No applause, please. I am just returning from the state of madness, namely the VMA Awards, where Miley, according to some, made the devil smile. The wild child star turned superstar has blossomed into a thorn and basking like never before in the limelight. While I was sitting in the $5.00 seats with regular people, I was changing lives as they broke their necks trying to see how divalicious I looked. VMA finally had to put the LAPD on standby because it was bumper to bumper trying to see all this fabulousness in one take. Okay?

Now, back to Miley. I say whatever’s clever. It’s your life and you’ve been trying to prove it to the public on so many levels, I don’t think you’re as free as you think you are. However, if Madonna’s doing it at 60, 20 is even better. Alright? I really don’t know what to tell you or the people who are so disappointed that you traded your role model robe for a bikini and red lipstick.

Don’t hold your mouth agape, people. Live your life and let Miley’s play out however it may. Don’t raise your children in front of the TV and allow them to find their identities in people they most likely will never meet. It’s your own fault you’re disappointed. You really shouldn’t raise your children to look up to anything human. We all disappoint and, as my pastor at Saint Philips Holy Trinity of Light Tabernacle of Faith says…Where was I?…Oh, yes, we all entertain Michael on occasion. We fall short and backwards, as Totsy did recently, doing whatever we think feels good.

I have, Miley, in the meantime, taken a poll on certain places where botox may suit you the next time you prance it around stage.

Love and  Kisses,

The Bea

25 thoughts on “Good Girl Gone

  1. The sad part about “you shouldn’t raise your children to look up to anything human” is that sometimes it leads to sparkling vampires. It seems these Disney kids feel like they have to go really far to prove that their “grown up” Looks very familiar just on a larger scale. You might recall Brittany’s equally appalling demise in a similar performance. Of course you were barely more than a child then yourself………….


  2. That is one stunning watercolor painting of you Bea! I must say, I wouldn’t mind having Madonna’s body. Miley makes me think back to the days when I was young and beautiful…guess I am only ‘young’ now..hahahaha.


    • Thank you so much, darling. Though it’s high time Totsy painted a full-bodied portrait but then, she may not have enough paint to cover all this fabulousness.

      Stay beautiful. And if you’re anything like me, you can’t help but to be anything but. 🙂


      • I totally agree. I am sure she will have more than enough paint to show us all that fabulousness.

        Thanks hon and I wish but I will surely try. 😀 *hugs*


  3. These poor Disney children, so desperate to prove adulthood. You are so right in your statement, “You really shouldn’t raise your children to look up to anything human.” Maybe if we give them better role models, even the child stars would live in the world with less angst as they mature into their adulthood.

    You do look fabulous in the painting, but we expect no less of you.


    • I almost had a chance to be a Disney girl but on the second audition, they recognized my divaness and disqualified me. But God does not like ugly or haters and look at what they’re getting now.

      And thank you, love. I do believe fabulous runs in my genes/jeans. 🙂


  4. Love your style, Bea! Live and let fly. I agree with Linda’s comment about Michael Jackson and real talent. Every artist has her/his style, but there has to be substance behind all that hoopla. Thriller–now that was strange and brilliant and entertaining. What little I see now is just flashy and trashy.


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