Listening is a Skill

"Blond Chick"  / Digital Art / Copyright 2013 Totsymae

“Blond Chick” / Digital Art / Copyright 2013 Totsymae

I’m a good listener to the things I wanna hear. If you wanna talk about cell phones, cars, computers and hair dos, you’ll more than likely lose me. You will also lose me if you whip out your photo album. While I’m a visual person, I also have to have personal interest in the folk I’m seeing. I really can’t see how looking at a photo album of folk I don’t know is any different from watching passerbys at the train station.

These days, however, I don’t wanna hear too mucha anything. I’m too busy trying to listen to myself. One time, I asked myself, “Where’s that smell coming from?” I started thinking, Now Totsy, I just know somebody didn’t peel a fresh onion and put it under your arms. So, I kept right on about my little business. The day wore on and so did my underarms, folks. I got to thinking, You took yourself a shower. What in the world happened? I then remembered ’cause I was wearing a sleeveless top, I’d wiped a good deal of my deodorant off. Naturally, I asked myself why I got carried away with wiping ’cause you gotta make it through the day and it’s way too early in the day for this mess! I mean, really!

After that experience, I’m listening. Like now, Self is telling me to get off this blog. I’m saying back, “Okay, let me finish this here sentence.” Self is also saying, “Take yourself to bed ’cause you’re tired,” but…ahem…I don’t think I heard right ’cause R&B Divas Reunion comes on tonight and I gots to be in the fronta that TV to see the verbal throwdown.

Maybe Self got the days mixed up and talking about tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Listening is a Skill

  1. I had very few rules as a teacher for 33 years but one was to write in black or blue ink. It’s not me but a job requirement when they graduate. A whole school year of returning papers with a grade cut for “not listening to and following directions” ,in May I still had papers turned in with purple, red, green ink and pencil. Just astonishing.


  2. This post reminded me of when I was growing up and my mom would say, “LISTEN UP!” in a voice that brooked no argument. Those two little words were typically the forerunner of my sister and I discovering that we’d been caught at something. Delivered on the sharp edge of our mother’s normally pleasant voice, they meant Business — with a capital B!


  3. Self listening is an excellent skill.

    I have photo albums you might like, they don’t have people in them, well they do but I don’t know the people either. They are street scenes and other stuff from all over the world. I keep my family albums apart and unless someone asks (usually family members) I don’t pull them out.


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