"Ugh" Digital Art  /  2013 Copyright  / Totsymae

“Ugh” Digital Art / 2013 Copyright / Totsymae

It’s been a long week and I’m real glad to see this weekend. However, my brain is still in work mode. I’m always thinking when I’m supposed to be resting but I should be cleaning up around here. Or doing the laundry. Or getting a massage. Or something close to nothing. I can’t decide. A woman’s work is never done, especially when she doesn’t do her work.

Though, enough nonsense talk. Folks, we’re about to go to war again. Now, I can’t speak on the Syria situation with detail. I just know we’re close to fighting again and I can’t tell you how tired I am of it. I used to wonder about those Middle Eastern parts of the world and thought how is it they don’t run outta folks with all that fighting for umpteen years. I can now see that there’ll always be plenty of folk who wanna go at it.

I do understand the U.S. is sleeping with the enemy, depending on who’s side you’re on. Though, I don’t understand this other part. If Russia’s Syria’s ally, why won’t they call Syria out. It’s like two friends and one being frank about a situation when the other one’s cuttin’ a fool. Say if that friend is you and I’m sitting in the window shooting BBs from my little gun for no good reason, other than to cut the fool. Somebody I shoot gets hot around the collar and wanna shoot me back. Why, according this this current situation, you’d come to my defense no matter how wrong I am, and commence to defending me. Am I making sense?

That’s how gangs operate, right? On the streets, it’s called gang-banging.

In politics, it’s war. We even give them memorable names…World War I…Spanish American War…Desert Storm…’Cause we have to justify foolishness and greed.


7 thoughts on “FIGHT!

  1. Now we don’t name them, we can’t cause we would have to call it something silly like ‘you just pee’d on my doorstep and insulted my manhood’. You know that doesn’t fit on no headline nowhere.

    It is all simply ridiculous. We are all so entangled, who knows who is in what back pocket or holding whose hand this week. But I think we are all weary, down here in the land of pick up a load and fight.


  2. I don’t understand war Totsy and why people always have to fight. It’s so unnecessary, really. About a a woman’s work – that’s the truth – it never ends and even if you do your work .. the next day it’s there again. Guess we must keep ourselves busy and that may be the reason why we don’t do war. Maybe these people that like their war so much doesn’t have much to do. I can give them work if they’re bored. 😆


  3. Russia’s being stubborn about this, like they’re saying to their friend, “I will stand for your right to kill your own people, and I won’t let anyone retaliate because of what you did.” But I don’t think it’s so much about defending their friend, Syria, as it is sticking to the USA. Mr. Putin hates America and likes to remind us of it every chance he gets. So, if the USA thinks what Syria’s doing is horrendous, then Russia loves what they’re doing. Yep, Mr. Putin hates us and this is his way of giving us grief. Why else would he harbor Snowden? Why else would he forbid American adoption of Russian babies in orphanages? He’s hurting those little Russian kids in the process but he don’t care as long as he’s hurting Americans. Every generation has it’s Hitler, Mussolini. As long as there are power-hungry men, we’ll always have dictators wanting to keep their people down.


  4. I have purposefully been avoiding this whole Syria thing, so I can’t comment intelligently on it. I can, say, however, that your painting with the Ugh! on it summarizes how I feel about this never-ending conflict!


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