Useless Skills but I’m Really Good At It

"Orange Hair" Digital Art / Copyright 2013 Totsymae

“Orange Hair” Digital Art / Copyright 2013 Totsymae

Talking on the Phone – Some folk do it for a living and are really good at it. I did it for  spell and interestingly enough, I don’t like talking to folk that way. Folk can be really hard on the ear. I was talking to this lady once and she just started screaming and giving me the business. Musta been the devil that got up inside of her ’cause I can’t explain it otherwise. It’s interesting how folk who need help go about trying to get it. They’re rude, obnoxious and unprepared to fully handle business. They’re also sorta clueless as to what can happen when they lose it. Know what I mean? I can, however, talk a great deal about Reality TV. At least, the ones I watch. You’d be proud to know I’ve dropped two from my list.

Getting on the Telemarketers’ List – Somebody from the Seniors Kit just rang me up. I don’t know what they wanted but obviously nothing since the phone only rang three times. I’m not a senior and ain’t trying to rush to be one but I do wonder what they wanted. I was thinking it really meant Senior Kitchen, where they want me to feed seniors or something of that nature. I’m sure they’ll call back tomorrow since I’m on speed dial. And oh, I’m always winning some kinda vacation but I’ve yet to see a plane ticket to get me there. I’m so tired of these resort places teasing me ’cause I could really use a nice chill spot. It would be nice if I could speak to a live person about that.

Envying My Neighbor’s Yard – There’s a woman over my way who spends the better part of her life in her yard. I don’t know why sometimes ’cause I can’t see what needs to be done. Sometimes, she rolls around the grass with her dog and kiss it…Well, not quite like I just put it but they’re chummier than a dog and a human should be. Maybe not but I want her yard on my side. I wonder if she’d find herself lost at some point and get over here and do my yard, minus the dog and rolling around and kissing.


16 thoughts on “Useless Skills but I’m Really Good At It

    • Oh wow, you do have yourself a rather unique and useless skill. Outside of scissors, you may be the only floss cutter in the world. Why, that’s something folk should envy you for but it ain’t me . LOL!! Lordy mercy…


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