Hot Topics…Unfortunately

"Two Hats" Watercolor/Ink on paper. Copyright 2013. Totsymae

“Two Hats” Watercolor/Ink on paper. Copyright 2013. Totsymae

I’m not sure about folk these days. Like, if I got mad at you on account of a disagreement, I’m not gonna take you to the top of a cliff and push you off. Neither am I gonna make little bombs and blow up shopping malls ’cause we don’t share the same religion or idiotology. And I definitely wouldn’t gun down kids who eat Skittles, get away with it and then hold up my in-laws, or make a speech for 20-something hours talking about a Dr. Seuss book. Something’s wrong with all of these folk but you didn’t hear none of this from me. I’m sitting on the porch minding my business.


16 thoughts on “Hot Topics…Unfortunately

  1. What’s hilarious about the Green Eggs & Ham thing is that it was supposed to be against Obamacare. And the theme of GE & H is that the narrator is soooooo opposed to green eggs & ham (like the Republicans & Obamacare), but once he TRIED it, he LIKED it.

    I absolutely loooove that painting , btw. Email me offline. If it’s not already spoken for, and if there is any way my Xmas bonus will stretch, I want to buy that bad girl.


  2. You and me Totsymae, we are the same. I also haven’t done any of those things, no matter how hard I have been pushed in my life time to act against some foolish people. Like you, I have to wonder what is wrong.


  3. Sometimes we can’t just sit on our porch and mind our business. Instead we need to hop on that party line and spread some reasonable* sense around.

    *I say reasonable as common* sense appears to be not at all common or way too common depending on how you want to use that word.


  4. I think there is something in the water or air. That’s why I drink filtered water and stay inside as much as possible. And, no, I don’t wear tin foil on my head–although, come to think of it…


  5. Why did you paint that porch kelly green? Don’t you know children could get stuck under that crawl space? And its a haven for rats and snakes. Why haven’t you fixed the screen door over there yet. What no iced tea or lemonade for the mailman ? Oh and those sandals you are wearing – even a homeless woman would not be caught dead in them. Why haven’t you fixed that loose board on the step to the porch? Don’t come whining to me if you get sued. And instead of sitting on this porch all day getting fat(er) why aren’t you over at First Baptist helping to install the new floor tile ? Porch potato are you !


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