Creature Comforts

Copyright 2013 Totsymae

Digital Art / Copyright 2013 Totsymae

There are some creature comforts one must never take for granted. That realization’s pounding on me now as I look high and low for the TV remote for my bedroom. Have you tried going from channel 2 to 360 on your cable box? Talk about a waste of time. Now, I could’ve easily gone down to the den to get the remote for that TV but that won’t hardly solve my problem, will it? Neither will me sitting here writing about it but never mind that, okay?

Another creature comfort that should be high on your list is the charger for your cell phone. Yes, I still have a home phone but I’ll be darn if I don’t need a battery for it ’cause it needs charged after talking an hour. Even if I realize I haven’t talked about much for that hour, I still have to wait darn near 24 hours for that phone to charge up for me to talk about nothing again. Totsy, you ask, why in the devil are you living in the dark ages with a home phone? Well, since you asked so bluntly, darn if I know. Maybe I like entertaining telemarketers ’cause those are the only folk ringing me up on it. Or maybe I feel important hearing two phones ringing for me at the same time. I simply don’t know. Okay?

The last creature comfort I absolutely will unplait my hair for and salute to without hesitation is toilet paper. I know I’ve mentioned toilet paper on several occasions. That’s ’cause I have very high respect for its important functions, which is why I never run out. I should have myself some stock in it. One time, I even made a sculpture out of toilet paper. Whatever did you make, Totsy, you ask so eagerly. Why, I made a life-size toilet. What else?

What are those creature comforts you can’t live without…or so you think.


15 thoughts on “Creature Comforts

  1. My list is just like yours my friend. Add paper towels, reusable shopping bags (I adore these), cloth diapers (excellent for cleaning everything from wood furniture to shoes), vinegar (another cleaning tool), music and big fluffy pillows.

    I think my list is done. Thanks for the giggles.


  2. I’m with you on the toilet paper, especially the soft kind! I’d have to add a great fondness to clean running water. I’ve done all too much pump, haul and carry not to appreciate turning on the faucet and getting both hot and cold.


  3. Hilarious! Thank you! Not giving up the land line or the TV remote or the extra thick TP. We were gone 6 days and only had one non telemarketer phone call and that’s because Velma doesn’t use a computer.


  4. I gave up Cable earlier this year. Don’t miss all those channels that drove me crazy and I never watched anyway. Netflix is a thing of beauty.

    Have to agree with you about chargers. Cell phone and Kindle charger–lap top too!

    And, you’re gonna love me for this one, my guy works for a company that makes a major brand of toilet paper. SCORE! 🙂


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