Let There Be A Flood

Watercolor on paper. Copyright 2013 Totsymae

Watercolor on paper. Copyright 2013 Totsymae

In the way back when days, there were floods that wiped out folk on earth. That is, if you believe in the Bible and whatnot. I’m not asking you to. However, when I start thinking about floods, there was a reason for them. You know, folk were downright messy. Always into whatnots. Well, God was sitting around and decided to nip their whatnots in the bud. Whoosh! And they were gone.

Today, there are some folk we could absolutely do without. I can’t sit here and name them all but I’ll do the best I can…

Those folk who got their panties in a bunch about Mickey D’s adding salads to combo meals, if y’all don’t take a backseat and put duct tape on it, I think y’all should be washed away. I’m not trying to be mean but y’all wasting your time and the folk who have to deal with you. Okay? Nobody’s got time for you being messy about a friggin’ salad in the combo meal!  What’s wrong with y’all? Seems to me y’all were dropped on your heads as babies and something shook loose. Go sit down. PLEASE.

Congress. Most of y’all real old anyhow. I mean, real old. I don’t have anything against old folk. I don’t. I rather like them. I want to be liked fairly well when I get old. Congress, folk don’t like you. You’re greedy and acting real childlike with very serious decisions but acting real selfish. Why, y’all been cuttin’ up for longer than I care to think about. Plus, you’re grooming the younger ones to act just like you. I say, you need a flood to be sent your way. You want everybody else to sink or swim, let’s see how you fair. Okay?

Lastly, grown folk who tell on other grown folk….Why y’all do that? How do you benefit? Matter of fact, I think the folk who listen to y’all should be wiped out in the flood right along with you. You’re both taking up precious space and if you were gone, less natural resources would be used. I really don’t get how you call yourself a grown folk with all that tattling. Take yourself a backseat too. Okay? Get yourself some business about yourself and learn how to be grown. I bet you won’t be running that mouth when that flood starts coming your way, will you?


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