Dear Robin


Do you realize Dr Phil’s been on the air for about 10 years now? That’s good for him making all that money and whatnot but that says a whole lot about folk out here in this world. They’re messed up in the head and narcissistic about it.

And with Dr Phil being on the air that long, well, I reckon that chair Robin sits in is mighty special and auction-worthy. That’s 10 whole years and counting of the same behind sitting in the same seat for a what? Sideline celebrity. Okay, I admit I’m hating a tad ’cause I watch the Dr on the regular and I’ve been wanting to uproot Robin outta that seat. Not that I want the Dr, ’cause I don’t, I don’t reckon, but I want to go to that studio over in Cali one of these days and with me wanting to occupy a reserved seat, I see a potential problem. Not for me, particularly but for Robin. I’m real sure she hasn’t been confronted with this kind of challenge. Well, there’s a first time for darn near everything, ain’t it?

I figure my first approach to the chair is to act like nobody’s sitting there. If that fails, which I’m sure it will, I’ll  get to the studio early and put a chair in the rear, where no cameras are, with her name on it. Maybe the Dr can highlight me and ask how to draw a perfect circle instead of asking Robin stuff she acts like she knows about.

I’m real sorry to interrupt your broadcast, Robin but I think it’s downright critical that the show spotlights how to draw basic shapes on occasion. After all, you ain’t talking about nothing the world needs to know. As a woman myself, I clearly understand why you’re there but I’d appreciate you more if you answered the phones. Better yet, you’d be doing me a real favor to be a good hostess and pass out some cookies and milk while I teach those who tune in how to make a happy face while you sit in the back somewhere.

15 thoughts on “Dear Robin

  1. I’m sorry. Dr. Phil is a show-boater, his only goal being television ratings. And I do not hold that against him. He is making far more money appearing on his television program along with his parade of circus anomalies than any real mental health expert would ever make in a normal practice. But if you or anyone is sucked into his theatrics, then shame on you. Real life is not about ratings.


  2. Chair envy. Love how you don’t want Robin’s man, just her chair.

    I wouldn’t want him either. Though for all the bad things people have to say about him, he HAS made the idea of going to a shrink seem like a real good time, almost.

    Plus all of us can be sitting in our living rooms all smug because whatever is all screwed up with us, at least WE don’t [eat our hair, hoard refrigerators full of spoiled food, dream of sex with werewolves..] or what-have-you.


    • Oh yes, she’s a happy woman with the doc and I want her to stay that way.

      But yes, I like the spin you put on it. Folk who need help are getting it now. Now, I’ve gotta make my appointment.


  3. I don’t know anything about Robin and her chair since I don’t watch Dr. P. Is she his side kick like Batman had Robin?

    Anyway, you wondered why people don’t like him. I can why I don’t like him. I don’t think a person really into helping people suffering with emotional of mental issues would be asking them to get in front of a camera and spilling their stuff for a studio audience and Neilson ratings. Plus he acts like he has all the answers. No one has all the answers.


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