A Tale of Id, Ego and Super-Ego

Photo by Totsymae 2013

Photo by Totsymae 2013

I don’t wanna be a bore and while I haven’t been blogging, the honest to true truth of the matter is I haven’t had anything significant to talk about. There’s been a definite pause in trash-talking and it’s starting to bother me to a great degree. Why it’s become such a botheration is ’cause folk who don’t trash-talk are generally about to drop off the cliff and land in the abyss of being a bore.

Me, Myself and I haven’t gotten together to talk about it yet ’cause we’ve been too concerned about the shutdown and now that the shut is up, we’ve kinda gone our in our own direction. We haven’t divorced each other but you may as well say we’ve separated. Me is waiting on the return of The Real Housewives of Atlanta to air with the new season next month. Myself’s been tapping I on the shoulder ’cause she’s in stuck mode. I guess being between Me and I ain’t the most pleasant place to be right now.

And I is writing. I’s had no time for Me or Myself, which is how she gets when she’s wrapped up in anything. I is all about herself and while she’s still pleasant, her mind’s not on anything outside herself. When folk are on the phone with her, she’s not paying much attention to them. I ain’t all that interested ’cause I gets bored very easily with repetitive conversations and would rather talk about herself, even if there’s not much to talk about. Heck, she’ll make something up ’cause she’s rather inventive that way.

In the meantime, Me is getting hungry and wants to backhand Myself for tapping her on the shoulder now about having a get-together. I, of course, ain’t thinking about either one of them and is propped in bed with her laptop, talking about absolutely nothing on her blog. I is trippin’.


18 thoughts on “A Tale of Id, Ego and Super-Ego

  1. Title reminds that few understand additional definition of ego beyond characterizing a person’s arrogance and sense of superiority. For Freud the ego is a person’s personality which develops as a identifiable entity as the result of the tension between the id and the super ego.


  2. Girl, I understood every damn word of this and that in itself scares me. I ain’t been writing, I ain’t been visiting, and I just realized I’m barely breathing. This is all because we are in the middle of a kitchen remodel and having the outside of our house painted at the same time. I have hot and cold running contractors starting at zero dark thirty and ending way past my bedtime. You’ll be fine. Me? Not so much.


  3. I’s been writing too, hence the long pauses between posts. You make doing “nothing” looks so easy. 🙂 This tale brings J. California Cooper to mind, in the way the characters are individually assigned and named. Folksy, familiar, effortless.


  4. Listen up Misses Me, Myself, and I – y’all better be gettin’ along, or at least gettin’ together more, just so Totsy can catch up on the gossip and get back to writin’ about it all. (oh look – I just think I might have said that in Southern).


    • Umm…I don’t think you quite got it. You were suppose to conclude it with something like “get back to writing it and whatnot” or “get back to writing it and things of that nature.” I see I’m gonna have to re-start my Southern language lessons again.


      • I’m thinking you Southerners make the speech rules complicated on purpose, just so you can “out” all us Yankee imposters and Southern wannabes… (oh, I forgot to add: and whatnot.)


  5. To everything there is a time and season, blah blah blah.

    There have been times and seasons for me when apparently it was time for Me, Myself, and I, Cali edition, to resemble a rock. Ain’t moving, ain’t growing, ain’t writing, just sitting there, being heavy and rocklike.

    At least I is fooling with her laptop.


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