Belle of the Ball + 2 Left Feet = Sit It Down

Beatrice Goes Hollywood. Copyright 2013 Totsymae

Beatrice Goes Hollywood. Copyright 2013 Totsymae

So, Totsy wanted me to do cover story of her at the ball. Why ever did she desire that? I tried to talk her out of it because I so hate wasting my time. My doing a story on Totsy at a ball is like giving Jennifer Hudson a Hollywood star. Undeserved at this moment in time, okay?

Let me say this. Well, the title says it all. Who or whatever put the bug in Totsy’s ear to get up and dance was a total set-up. Had the gumption to take off her stilettos as if she was going to take over the dance floor. Not only does she not know a thing about line dancing but I don’t think she knew if she was coming or going. It should’ve been a humbling experience after the first time she got out there but she went two or three more times. As if she knew what she was doing! I absolutely cried and laughed on the inside for her.

Now, I’m as good of a friend as they come. You know that, right? A good friend who tells it like it T. I. Is. Okay? I gave her the business while driving her home, people, as she was drunk from spinning in the wrong direction on that dance floor. She even had the audacity to be tired and napped most of Saturday. I give it to her that she did look snazzy in that black Michelle Obama-like dress. Bloated and all, she was snazzy. However, being that was there, we all know who was crowned Ms. Hot, okay? Don’t let the fact that I shop in Ashley Stuart fool you, people. I am definitely that diva to be reckoned with. Hello? Knock, knock. High five. It’s the deliciousness of a diva coming to you live.

Hotter than Hot,

Beatrice from Apt. 7B


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