All In A Day’s Work

Self-Portrait; Watercolor on paper; Copyright 2013 Totsymae

Self-Portrait; Watercolor on paper; Copyright 2013 Totsymae



It wasn’t a bad day at all, folks. I’m real glad about that. However, I ended it with a bang. Literally. I don’t know how I managed to do that but I found a way.

It started with the banners. There are musicians painted on them from different countries and whatnot. Well, they had to be hung from the ceiling. The ceiling has tiles and paper clips were unfolded to hook to the banners and…well, you know what I’m saying, so I’m not wasting my breath with that.

Well, in order to get to the ceiling, one has to have a ladder, right? Matter of fact, I had two ladders ’cause I had somebody helping me. I’m on one ladder, he’s on the other. He’s holding one end of the banner and I’m holding the other to hang. Okay. We’re moving right along and by the third banner, things start to go awry.

All I can tell you is I must’ve leaned too hard. I had to. And to be real honest, it happened so fast, I can’t rightly recall. One moment, I’m reaching to hang the darn banner, next thing I know, I find myself moving swiftly from the ladder and looking toward the floor. As in falling, folks. It happened fast and slow, simultaneously. My hand reached out to the fella on the other ladder ’cause I’m trying to save myself. But God was on his side and the devil on mine, folks. I must’ve caught shortarmitis ’cause I couldn’t reach him. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I’m thinking Your ass is about to meet the floor. And meet it, I did, folks. I must’ve done something right tough, ’cause all I had was a little soreness to my shoulder. I guess I fell on it. I can’t rightly remember that either. What I do recall is seeing the fella on the ladder as I kept falling, falling and blam!

To add to it, I had more than a dozen folks as my audience. They were concerned and all, asking me if I was alright, which I was and am. I can’t rightly tell you how those banners are coming down but you can best believe it won’t happen by way of me being on a ladder. Okay?

17 thoughts on “All In A Day’s Work

  1. Ouchie! I hope you’re ok! I really enjoy your blog so please stay in one piece for your devoted readers 🙂 Sending you a virtual soothing Epsom salt lavender bath. Happy and safe New Year 2014. xo


  2. So glad you got out of this okay. In future, you can excuse yourself from banner-hanging on the basis of shortarmitis, which is a serious and impressive-sounding condition.


    • This is a rather serious condition, Kathy. There are only a few cases in the country but no research yet. I am in group therapy for folks with ladderophobia though. There is a large group of us and it’s serious. Some folk don’t even go up stairs anymore. Thank goodness I’m not that far gone.


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