9 Rules on How to be Fabulous in 2014

Mixed Ancestry

“Mixed Ancestry” Fiber Art. Copyright 2013 Totsymae

1. Carry breath mints.

2. Produce more than you consume.

3. Never go for seconds at the dinner table. The food will be there tomorrow. In other words, refer back to rule number 2.

4. Listen more. Talk less. Stock up with superglue, if needed. (Masking tape will work also but it may cause public humiliation.)

5. Get over what it is you’re not over. Staying where you are stunts your growth and eventually folk will not wanna be bothered with you.

6. Wear clothing fit for your body type, sexΒ and age, not somebody else’s. Transvestites are exempt, however.

7. Mind your business.

8. Limit Facebook statuses. Nobody cares as much as you do anyhow.

9. Stop pretending. However, if you’re faking it ’til you make it and haven’t made it yet, cry yourself to sleep at night and start putting a Plan B or C in place.





26 thoughts on “9 Rules on How to be Fabulous in 2014

  1. These are good rules for me as I start the new year. I’m trying to find a new project, though, so I’ll probably have to fake it ’til I make it to get going. Happy new year!


  2. Let me say # 6 had me howling! I’d definitely have to inject a rule about wearing pajama pants or sweatpants and thinking they’re a fashion statement! ha! Great rules, Totsy. You are wise as you are funny! Happy New Year! πŸ™‚


    • You’re due sessions of whining and crying at this time in your life. It’s fresh and I know, painful. Though, find time in between to be good to yourself. And thank you. The mask was a learning experience.


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  4. Happy New Year, Tots! Thanks for the Rules on being Fabulous in 2014. Far as I’m concerned, they’re good rules for Life! πŸ™‚ I love the artwork. Absolutely gorgeous, colorful, bold, bam!

    I especially love Rule #8. Guilty. I mostly share what I had been calling “divine inspirations”; though I don’t doubt that they are such, I realize that I’ve been giving away my pearls to swine, as they say. Folk don’t take what you give them necessarily in the spirit that you intend them. More importantly, not every thought or inspiration needs to be shared at the moment you receive it. God is working with me on the marination stage – “Wait!”, He said. “I will release it when it is fully ready”. Yeah, what He said!

    With that being said, I pop my head in FB from time to time, with a fitness post or to say hello, and keep it moving. No liking, commenting, chewing the fat, etc. Takes way too much time. Plus, no one really gives a hot damn! Trying to save some of all this inspiration for my blog and book(s). Giving all my words to FB limits the amount of other material I can write. (More on this in a separate post). Thanks for indulging me on this long-a comment. πŸ™‚

    Be Well, lady!


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