Demand to Get Paid What You’re Worth

"Happenstance No. 1" Mixed Media on paper. Copyright 2014 Totsymae

“Happenstance No. 1” Mixed Media on paper. Copyright 2014 Totsymae

I should be super uber rich, with all the jobs I have. After running down the list and giving a brief description of my duties, you tell me if I should have deep pockets…

Phone Consultant/Comedienne – I call my elderly aunt who’s kinda housebound on account of her taking care of her housebound husband. I tell lies and the truth to entertain her at least twice a week. I’m not sure if my check for doing this should come from her social security check or the government. While I’d do this for free anyway, I got to thinking and feel entitled to compensation in some tangible way. I mean, I crack her up and she often tells me she needed that. With me lowering her blood pressure and whatnot, I’m actually due a retro check and those are always nice. I also give her advice or at least make information clear and logical about matters she hadn’t considered. Am I due or what?

Poet/Rapper/Songwriter – Now, this is a fairly recent gig of mine. As of yesterday actually. But my daughter, Little Totsy, heard my rap song and she…Well, she didn’t exactly say I should put it on for download or anything close to that but I put in so much time and figured out the beats. It takes a lotta energy to go to that creative place and since it was such a learning curve, I feel like, while I may or not get paid for it in my lifetime, somebody will see my words on paper as valuable. Don’t you think that about your writing? See, makes all the sense in the world to you now.

Walker – I do this all day on the job, helping folk. I know, you say that’s part of the job, but my walking is excessive. I must walk about five miles a day. That’s dedication, folks. Walking was not in the job description and my feet need extra care these days.

Trash Collector/Green Artist – I collect all manner of things to repurpose them in some artistic way. I’m saving the earth and beautifying it at the same time. Whoever collects newspapers, bottle caps and all those other things I could run down the list, I have to go to their homes to collect them. They can actually save money on recycling ’cause I’ll take just about anything.

I’m also a TV Watcher, Grass Cutter (seasonal, of course), Junk Mail Recipient, Patient Driver, Line Waiter (at the store when buying things), Listener (both consciously and as a bypasser), Hanger Upper (on telemarketers), Non-Nagger (even in times when I should) and well, the list won’t stop but I will anyhow.

I don’t know where all this money should come from  and it really doesn’t matter since all of what I’m doing is legal. Should I quit all these jobs, who’s going to replace me and do it as well? I mean, I feel like I’ve made an impression in a way that I’d be at least somewhat missed. I’m so clear about that. What do you think? Are you putting in work you should be getting paid for?


20 thoughts on “Demand to Get Paid What You’re Worth

  1. Well,Totsy, I do get wife money but I’m beginning to think it’s not enough. Or maybe it is, but I want more. See that’s the problem, the more I get the more I want. I’ve also been a professional bride and cohort in crime, but that’s another issue.


  2. Honey, the problem is there isn’t anybody could afford to pay us what we’re worth. So our options are either to keep doing it for free or to stop doing it for free and add in extra work running us a business to get us paid less than we’re worth. That’s why they call it a rat race.


  3. One sad injustice is the pittance artist can get for their craft work and folk art. Such delightful things with hours of work with real artistic value(much more than the crap the city buys so they look “cultural)for a few bucks.


    • What’s also pretty sad is seeing a framed WalMart print hanging in somebody’s house. I never could understand that, even before I started making art professionally. Folk get rid of those all the time but they don’t part with originals, unless they sell them.


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