Laughing: A Cure-All for What Ails You

Watercolor on paper. Copyright 2014 Totsymae

Watercolor on paper. Copyright 2014 Totsymae

Laughing is not only therapeutic, it can make you lose inches from your waistline. You may have to find multiple things to laugh at or recall what’s been funny to you in the past. It’s not all the time necessary to work out hard in the gym. Besides, laughing is free. There’s no contract involved and one thing for sure, you won’t have to decide whether to do it or not or drive anywhere to do it. It’s a natural way to lose those inches without the ‘No pain, no gain’ motto.

Laughing also is a temporary cure for depression and loneliness. I know it’s hard to laugh at anything when you’re in this state  of mind but you have to do something to bring yourself outta this. Laughing frees your brain from being clogged up with bad thoughts. Folk will often join in if you have a hearty laugh, whether they know what you’re laughing about or not. You can make friends this way, if you laugh from the gut. Thus, become less lonely. You should stop laughing, however, after five minutes or folk are gonna think you’ve lost your mind. Look at your watch and wind down your laughing at about four minutes. If, however, you’re alone, which you very well may be, laugh as long as you want but Lordy mercy, don’t you dare cry afterwards. Should you cry, please see your family physician and get yourself a prescription for some happy pills.

Laughing is also a way to flush out your kidneys if something is side-splitting funny. I don’t advise you to drink a lotta liquids, unlessen you absolutely need flushing out that bad. Though, you may wanna be careful ’cause you could very well flush out the back end too. Know what I mean? I don’t think you want that, especially if you’re visiting folks or sitting on the bench at the mall. Yeah, be real careful about that, with folk carrying camera phones and whatnot. You absolutely wouldn’t wanna go viral in that fashion.


26 thoughts on “Laughing: A Cure-All for What Ails You

  1. Before being an actual humor writer, I read Patrick McCmannus religeously. I would have people giving me strange looks while sitting alone in a library laughing out loud while reading his short stories. Up until then I was a published writer only writing how-to aricles on the out-of-doors. Finally, I got up the fortitude to send a humor article, “How Not To Launch A Boat” to one of my most dependable publishers. He not only loved it, he personally called me and asked for more. Until I finally retired, that was all I wrote. Now, I consider the humor I put in my blog just what you are saying, physically healing. Thank you for your post.


    • I’m real sure I’d do all the things I shouldn’t to launch a boat. On the other hand, I’m not into water that way. How can you retire from writing funny stuff, by the way? People do that? But I suppose the funny is all verbal now.

      Glad you like the post.


    • I think I kinda sorta could tell you like to laugh, with that smile on your face from ear to ear. Do you also realize that laughing before bed can put you to sleep? From the exhaustion of it and all, I mean.


  2. You are spot on about laughing (and also about how horrible it would be to go viral with that little “kidney problem”) That’s why I love your posts. They often bring at least a chuckle to my day.


  3. Haha! Ever heard about those yoga retreats predicated on the same thesis of self-induced laughing? Yeah girl, somebody is making beaucoup money, laughing their butts off all the way to the bank on account of all this laughter? (See what you do, Tots? I come over here and start sounding like you!)

    I love to laugh! Honest to goodness! Sometimes I tune in to Dave Chappelle via YouTube, K&P, and others for that sole purpose. And of course, I always check in here not looking for a laugh, per se, but somehow always managing to get a good laugh out of whatever you’ve written. Thank you for sharing your gifts, woman!


  4. I try not to do it in church. But I really try hard not to do it at funerals. Well, heck. I don’t spend all that much time in church anyway come to think of it. Seems whenever I do, I see something that has me snorkling so hard to keep the laughter in that I get tears rolling down my face. People may think I’m just extra holy, but that’s really not the case.


  5. Totsy, you make me laugh with your down to earth humor. Thanks for the tip. I’m going to keep on laughing as long as I can. Laughing at funerals can be really funny. Did you ever see the Mary Tyler Moore Show back in the day? Mary laughed at Chuckles the Clown’s funeral. Poor Chuckles. He was dressed as a peanut in a parade and he got trampled by an elephant who thought he was a snack. Boy was that funny!


    • Why, I am so delighted that you’re delighted and taken by my southerness and whatnot. I never saw that MTM episode but I do declare, what a finale. I haven’t come up with a way on how I wanna make my exit but I wanna be cute with my eyes closed at least. I don’t guess that’s asking for a whole lot.


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