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"To the Market" Acrylic on Paper. Copyright 2014 Totsymae

“To the Market” Acrylic on Paper. Copyright 2014 Totsymae

I’m  finally gonna  do some decorating around the house this year. While I’m an artist, I have no decorating skills. NONE. I’m eclectic in taste but I have no idea how to apply this to decorating an entire house. The thought of messing it all up scares me, so what have I done? Nothing. I’m somewhat of a minimalist. Overcrowding spaces make me nervous, so I’m trying to figure it all out as I move toward the empty nest.

Little Totsy will be making her way into the adult world and I’m kinda happy about that. I mean, she’s driven to be successful and has always been self-motivated. I NEVER had to ask her, “Did you do your homework?” She’s a pretty good cook and has tutored classmates in math to help them pass the course to graduate on time. Her math teacher, from China, says she wishes all of her students were like my Little Totsy. Folks, I wasn’t at all surprised she said sucha thing. And did I mention she’s been pre-selected for the Miss America Pageant? Why, she could knock Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and all them off the runway with her gorgeousness. She can sing, dance and act. I’m talking Oscar and Grammy material, folks. She has so many options with all her talent and whatnot but I think she’s going in the direction of nuclear science.

Anyway. I was talking about decorating. But did I tell you my son, Mr. Boy, who calls himself Masta Unk, can fix computers and never been to school for it? He can repair cars the same way. He’s so brilliant, why President Obama invited him to be a part of the space program to invent all kindsa foods folks can eat without gaining a single pound. Or get sick. I have him on Skype in his lab right now, and he’s near done with inventing a pill to keep folk alive forever. You should see him in his lab coat. He has my infectious smile…Ahhh…. Did I tell you he’s a certified chef and flies all over the world to whip up gourmet dishes? Well, I mean before he got into making this magic pill. Oh my, I should’ve brought the photo albumsssss.

But back to the decorating…I have no idea where to start.


20 thoughts on “Mommy Blogging

  1. Totsy, that painting is DA BOMB! I love her! Your children are of course beautiful and brilliant and never pains in your behind I know. I do a lot of decorating, but I’m afraid of it too. Fortunately, I don’t go overboard since my taste can be questionable. I just redid my kitchen and while it’s stunning and elegant, there’s not a lot of “decoration” in it. I have friends that have lots and lots of “cutsie” stuff in their kitchen but between you and me, that’s just tacky to my way of thinking. I like underfurnished rooms. My mom used to drive me crazy with all of her furniture. I mean, you couldn’t walk through a room without walking into something. I have one couch and two chairs in my parlor. I have a coffee table and a Victorian dollhouse on a stand. I have a sofa table behind the sofa and two small tables for lamps next to the chairs. Oh and there is a tall slender glass front book case on one wall. We have Persian rugs on the walls and one tapestry from Iranian ball gowns (era the Shah). I have an antique mirror over the fireplace, hardwood floors and a nice Oriental run on the floor. Okay, it’s looks a bit like a Turkish whorehouse but I like it.


  2. Pick one painting you love, yes only one. Now pick one room you enjoy spending time in, yes just one (I prefer rooms with light). Do not pick kitchen or bathrooms.

    Your children I am certain take after you.

    Now pick one of the colors, not a primary, in that picture you love. Is that a color you could live with on your walls? Yes? Great. That will be the color of at least three of the walls, maybe four. Do you have smooth or popcorn ceilings? What color are they? What sort of light comes into the room? Is it enough or do you want more? What function do you want for the room?

    Really, that is how you decorate. I love to decorate. I don’t worry about other people, or books or magazines. Figure out the function. Figure out the light. Figure out the color. Those things are what make you happy.


    • Picking A room sounds like a smart start. I probably could use a Decorating for Dummies book. My kitchen has the little plastered flowers on the celling. And you know what? Only my living room is decorated and homey looking. I think the den, dining area, my room and the walls and some other areas are what’s bothering me most.


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