Snowed In…I Ain’t Mad About It

Watercolor on paper Copyright 2014 Totsymae

Watercolor on paper Copyright 2014 Totsymae

Now, if I was one of those folk stuck on the highway, I would’ve been crying mad. I did feel bad for those folk out there. I can’t imagine being out there like that. Running outta gas. No food. No heat. No nothing. Folk have really shown the best side of humanity by helping them out though. There was a school bus that got stuck in a neighborhood and folk took food out to the kids.

I’ve been sitting at home, trying to learn a new software, blogging, eating, plotting out concepts, talking on the phone, watching TV and cleaning the kitchen. We should be good to go by Monday, right? I mean, we messed up down here but I don’t reckon we’re that messed up. Then again, I ‘spect we are, being on the national news with the Atlanta mayor arguing with the anchor woman. She was hostile but he wasn’t backing down none. Like, he should’ve said it was a massive screw-up like the governor did.

I fault employers for that too though. I mean, what happened with that? The same information that was available to the powers that be was available to the employers too. I could be wrong but like the mayor, I won’t admit it on account that I don’t think I am.

I’m gonna get some painting/drawing done now. Shoot. Gotta get myself a swallow of water too. My throat’s dry as the Arizona desert.


29 thoughts on “Snowed In…I Ain’t Mad About It

  1. Yeah, someone messed up over there big time. Be thankful it wasn’t you, else you’d be all over the news being questioned by a slew of reporters and having to answer for it all. Word has it that there was warning about this storm but no one heeded it. Well, isn’t that typical.


    • Even better, I’m glad I’m not the mayor or governor. There was warning about the storm and the map was lit up with snow for the ATL. I think they were down at the Cracker Barrell for a conference or some other nonsense.


  2. Just stay inside Totsy. This can’t last, can it? That snow and ice is not for this girl. Not at all! No way! Now we surely could use a bit of rain out here, but you guys can keep your snow and ice. This woman I know was traveling from Hotlanta to someplace like Tennessee. First off, what was she thinking? Second off, yup. She got stuck someplace. Stay home is my advice. You are welcome.


  3. And here in SoCal… our land is drier than your throat. Got an imitation of drizzle yesterday, so faint the parking lot under my car was still dry. Am NOT looking forward to fire season, this year.


  4. I’m glad you are keeping warm, Totsy. Reading your post, I was reminded of that Funny Weather Lady, Megan McGlover. I think you introduced her to us on your blog ages ago. Am I right? I wonder what happened to her. This definitely calls for one of her rants!


    • Hmmm…I don’t know of her. I looked her up and her face wasn’t familiar.

      Somebody told me it’s supposed to snow next weekend but I don’t think that’s true. It doesn’t happen twice like that for us. Though, I plan on staying warm, for sure.


  5. There’s some fussing around here about schools not being called off, and then being called off after kids got to school…I’m glad I’m not a superintendent. My rule is, If weather people say snow, there probably won’t be any, but stay home anyway. We all need a surprise day off now and then.


    • Well, we trumped that. Matter of fact, that’s all we’ve been reporting. We don’t get too much excitement down here.

      I’ve been loving these three days off. I ain’t mad at nobody for that.


  6. Can’t do anything about the weather, but the people responsible for keeping things running smoothly can do their jobs. Crazy weather this winter–no doubt about it.

    Love the new look of your blog, Tots–you’ve been using your time well!

    Sorry I can’t catch up on all of your posts–I’m just trying to make an effort to let you know I’m still alive, kicking, and thinking of you!


    • I don’t reckon they’re all that capable, being a similar situation happened in 2011, with the same “responsible” folk. I’d like to think they can do better but hey…

      Thank you. I had to change it up around here to keep myself interested. I know you’re working on your book, so keep at it. Hard to be everywhere and do all things. I never bought into the Superwoman myth.


    • Thank you. That kid kinda reflects the mayor during his interview, or at least the way he was feeling inside.

      Long as I’ve got heat, I can get by. I could miss some meals and yeah, water’s always a good thing.


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