Reconsidering Snowbound Food Items

Watercolor on paper - Copyright 2014 Totsymae

Watercolor on paper – Copyright 2014 Totsymae

I was definitely starting to feel claustrophobic with being stuck in the house on account of the snow. That’s how we do it down south. We stay tucked in after stocking up on eggs, milk and bread. I never understood why these three grocery items were so significant. I’m lactose intolerant, so milk wouldn’t be a good thing for me. I don’t eat bread all that much ’cause I can do without the carbs and eggs, well, we know what happens when eggs gets settled in real good in the bottom of your belly.

I just wouldn’t wanna be snowbound with folk who’ve filled themselves up with eggs. The common sense thing to me is to leave them in the store. I understand that folk get tired and angry with one another after being locked in together for so many days. Thus, may I suggest eggs may be the reason why? The answer is so simple when considering the little things ’cause little things really do mean a lot in this case. Know what I mean?

Never do I hear that stores are running outta breath mints or toothpaste. Kinda mind-blowing, if you ask me but since you didn’t…


19 thoughts on “Reconsidering Snowbound Food Items

  1. That looked a lot like French Toast to me and we both know that French Toast is a food for the gods (goddesses, too). Cans of soup pale behind some damn fine French Toast with a drizzle of syrup. I’m just sayin…


  2. All they have to do up here is to say it’s gonna snow and there’s a run on every store in the area for bread, milk, and toilet paper… and I’ve never figured out why these three items are the first things to vanish from the shelves! I was at the store yesterday before the storm hit – we got 14.1 inches, by the way and with more coming this evening – and the place was a madhouse. The funny part was that we needed bread… and it’s a good thing we grabbed the last loaves of whole wheat before someone else got it!

    The dairy section was damn near empty and there was barely any toilet paper to be found, which wasn’t an issue; my lady is lactose intolerant and we bought so much toilet paper during the summer that we have it stored all over our apartment so we’re not likely to run out any time soon.

    In fact, my lady figured out that this winter was gonna be a bad one and had the good sense to stock up on all kinds of shit before it even got cold here – I love her for that even though she is kinda funny to watch when she gets into winter mode…


  3. I never understood the logic behind stocking up on milk, bread and eggs, either. But from what I hear, cabin fever is reaching epidemic proportions over much of the US. Hope you get some relief soon.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  4. Stocked up on the nonperishables and a few of the things you mentioned. Eggs? Not so much! I can only eat the egg whites without having tummy trouble (Um, I mean gas). TMI, I know! (You went there though). Stocked up on some dark chocolate with hazelnut though. Hid it right in the bottom of the fridge and since my children have nut allergies and hubby doesn’t do sweets, it’s ALL MINE as I watch the snow continue to fall. Hope you’re safe and warm, Tots!


    • I went and bought stuff for making spaghetti and didn’t even make it. Now, that hazelnut sounds good to me. I think if I was at your place, I’d’ve found it, hid and left your mouth watering for some. I’m sorry but I’m being honest.

      Glad you like the arrangements over here and whatnot. You can type all you want. I’m still trying to figure out what to post most times, lately.


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