Prime Time TV: Archie Bunker on Democrats

If you’re familiar with All in the Family, you know that Archie Bunker  not only made the show, he was the show. He was an amalgamation of many folks, two of them being a racist and male chauvinist. He was so believable in what he stood for that he was one of those TV folk one loved to hate. One thing for sure, he provoked a consciousness of thought about topical subjects that are still relevant  today.

Initially, when I was going for my Masters, my thesis was based on 1970’s shows and the lack of black visibility; how those images, if portrayed as African-American, or Negro at that time, would’ve affected the black psyche or self-image. Turned out, I ended up not mastering in art but in another field. Though, I kinda always wonder how my work would’ve turned out ’cause I still have the paintings I started during my brief stint as an MFA student.

While I won’t exhibit those paintings here (cause they’re in oil and would take awhile still to complete),what I aim to do is take some of those topics, showing Archie in typical form. Here’s one you may have some opinions about.


13 thoughts on “Prime Time TV: Archie Bunker on Democrats

  1. What I like the most about looking back at the time All in The Family was on is not necessarily Archie Bunker himself but the attitude of America in general at the time.

    A good case could be mad that he was offensive but you, maybe because we didn’t have the internet and 24/7 news, didn’t hav panties wadded up all over the place about every off color thing he said.

    People watched or they didn’t but didn’t make a huge deal or try to make “logical” leaps that Bunker was the spokesperson for all white people.

    If such a character were on TV today talk of how he personifies all conservatives would be endless.

    My two cents. Goid post, btw:)


    • I don’t know if there’s a show since All in the Family that’s been this honest. I don’t think conservatives would quite want to identify with Archie. It would destroy the party. Plus, Archie wasn’t the most polished conservative either. He would be separated by class now. A Tea Partyer, perhaps.


  2. We can’t talk about Archie without mentioning Edith and what a perfect counterpoint she was for Archie. She’d come across as dumb or ignorant, but she was far smarter than Archie and could subtly turn any of his arguments against him in a way in which she would come out on top. He never knew what hit him. How often we would end up siding with her in our frustrations with Archie. He’d make us laugh with his extreme prejudices, but the thing of it is, those feelings he felt and his beliefs were very real and still are. He represented what many Americans think and still do. I think he represents the Republican party very well, even today. But by today’s standards, he’s probably considered too moderate. 😉


    • Yes, Edith did offer at least the audience a different take. I don’t think there’s been anything like the show since. I think the Ediths on TV today would be rallied against ’cause she doesn’t represent how far women have come. There’s a negative and positive to that because it’s a form of censorship and this bully-type attitude by groups that represent a particular belief.

      The folk who produced that show really knew what they were doing. Great writing and while it was entertaining, it could spark great discussion.


    • Yep, he definitely represents their views. I think, while it was comedy, to air such a show puts attitudes like Archie’s on blast; that if a character like Archie can be created, it’s more than fictional. These attitudes are worth examination.


  3. I loved this show then, it reminded me of family members. I thought often, gad I wonder if they have been spying on us. Archie and Edith were archetypes, I don’t know they would make it today but we were different back then.


    • They were a mix of everything. There were other good shows that did equally well from the characters written into this show. I don’t think Edith would make it today either. Feminist groups would raise their unshaven underarms and put a stop to that. 🙂


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