It All Started with Underarm Shaving

The Supremes. Google Image.

The Supremes. Google Image.

Women have certainly come a long way. Depending on who you ask, some may say we’re outta control. Every now and again, I’ll pop in my Diana Ross & the Supremes CD and while that was before my time, I really like their singing. Those girls came a looooong way.

Back then too, women pretty much kept their clothes on. Times were different. You know, on the Republican conservative side when it came to dressing up. Even on stage to sing. I thought about this change short but hard, folks. How we dress and all, as in taking it off to make a dollar all started with underarm shaving. Seems like once that movement caught on, women folk started talking louder, smoking them thin cigarettes, spitting on the sidewalk and whatnot, we decided to go unclad in public. I mean, a woman can’t be all hairy and whatnot on the cover of Vogue or Penthouse. Just wouldn’t be a good visual, know what I mean?

Now, I’m on the fence about this whole skin is in movement. It’s just not fair to regular ole women folk, thinking they can mimmick their looks after Hollywood photoshopped pictures. It’s totally delusional and I know some men agree with me. I don’t care how liberated women are, some should absolutely refrain from those jeggings. Your reputation goes way down when you make certain decisions, okay? Even some thin women shouldn’t have a cashier ringing up such a purchase. You don’t get a pass on that because you’re small. Fair is fair.

When I was in Saudi Arabia, there were religious police. They gave you the business if you weren’t wearing your get-up right. Word was from the westerners (and you know how we exaggerate what we don’t understand), that you could go to jail for dress code infractions. Maybe. Maybe not. I didn’t test that theory. You feel me? Probably there should be similar positions in western countries, to uphold some kinda dress standard ’cause some women folk don’t know they’re in the wrong. That would be a good moonlighting job for me but even I would have to take some kinda test to prove I understand the rights and wrongs of fashion.

I can’t let you fellas off the hook either though and I’ll be straight to the point. Men folk, why is it the older you get, the higher those pants rise up toward your chest? What’s up with that, is my burning question.

35 thoughts on “It All Started with Underarm Shaving

  1. Blaming it all on shaving makes a strange kind of sense. Lends whole new meaning to the notion of “fashion police.” Hell, once women think they can bare their hairless underarms, it’s all over. ALL over, I tell you!

    Hairy in Ecuador,


  2. Totsy, I don’t know. I wear leggings, but I wear them under a tunic top that comes down to my knees. They are warm and I like them better than hosiery. I do hate seeing anybody walking along with leggings worn as pants. That’s just not a good look on anybody. There’s just no accounting for taste or the lack thereof. Now that I’m a woman of a certain age, I do try to not be trashy with my style. Like I’d never wear flower printed pants over my butt. That would be so not me! (Okay, I did wear flowered pedal pushers when I was a kid, but my mom didn’t give me a lot of choices.) I think all the extreme skin thing is pretty ridiculous too. Why put all your stuff on display? Leave a little to the imagination!


    • Now, one can wear these tight-fitting pants tastefully and it sounds as if you are. Just keep doing what you’re doing and you won’t get a ticket. I do believe it’s a valid profession and one that can stimulate the job market.


  3. Funny you closed with he trouser thing. In my Senior Humor blog I wrote a post of Old People Rules. One was why is it the older men get, the higher the trousers rise. Then comes the wearing of belt and suspenders…at the same time!


  4. I also forgot to add. Why is it in all of these Muslim type religions the woman is restricted to a certain garb, some being wrapped up like mummies, and all the men prance around in whatever they damned well please. Evidently, other than giving men pleasure and manufacturing babies, and cooking meals, God must look at women as just a little higher than the family pet.


    • Keeping covered is to lessen the temptation of the man. You know, it becomes her fault if she’s not covered appropriately. I used to walk around the compound in my sweats and shirt and I tell you, the men can’t handle it. They gawk and act like 13 year old boys who’s just discovering themselves. That being said, covering was easier there ’cause you become the hot topic and your western mind thinks “WTF?”
      Women have specific roles within the family and there are working women there, contrary to what some believe but of course, the professions are limited for women, as well as what they can study in university.

      I will say that God does not look at them as a little higher than the family pet. Some men do, however. It’s like folk here using the Bible to twist meaning to their own advantage.


      • No, it’s not her fault; it would be a man’s fault that he doesn’t know how to control his reactions to this. Don’t misunderstand: If you’re gonna show it to me, I’m gonna look at it and even I realize that I can’t help myself, as it were. Having said that, I can control my reaction; I can even be very discreet in looking because I know that some women just get so self-conscious about being stared at.

        Yep, our culture has nudity taboos and modesty issues and unlike, oh, your friends in Saudi Arabia, these things are not policed; if you decided to wear a tank top and shorts on a hot summer day, you’re not likely to get busted for it, unlike in the Muslim world, a place that has strict religious rules about such things. So it is what it is.

        I’ve often asked women why they dress the way they do, knowing that they’re going to attract some unwanted attention. They’ve told me that they dress the way they do at times because it makes them feel good about themselves, not to mention that they have the right to dress in whatever way they want to. It’s not hard to accept this answer – it’s not hard for me – but since I know that my eye will be drawn to a woman dressed in a way that exposes a lot of her skin, the onus on me is to not act like a hormone-crazed pre-teen – that’s just rude and tells everyone who sees this bad reaction that my home training was either absent or incomplete, not to mention that I didn’t graduate from man school.

        Men just have to learn how to behave better so that women can dress in whatever way makes them happy with themselves. You can look… but keep your reactions to yourself… unless girlfriend gives you some grief about not noticing how much skin she was showing – yeah, that happens, too, doesn’t it?


        • It’s her fault in the eyes of Muslims. My son’s best friend is half Pakastani. During prayer, his mother (African American) was showing her wrists and one of the females said it distracted the men, as they were looking at those wrists. I wouldn’t know how to make up this kinda stuff.

          When I was in Saudi, a guy came to the villa where I was sitting with a Muslim woman and she was so out of sorts ’cause she was sitting, her back to the door he entered, and he could see her arms. I thought nothing of it but this ain’t the norm, them showing body parts, despite how little we think of showing ours.

          Now, I know westerners will show a lotta somethin’ somethin’ and feel real good about it. Women folk here are proud of their body parts that they like displaying them. I can respect being covered probably more than being uncovered ’cause I’m on the conservative side. Though, I also feel like I wouldn’t be okay with covering too much or showing all my business. Know what I mean?

          Men do need to act accordingly. It’s like that case from way back when a woman was raped and she had to defend herself on account of not wearing panties. I mean, that’s some ridiculousness if I’ve ever heard any.


          • Yes, of course, in the Muslim world, she’s at fault and would be dealt with accordingly. I remember what you shared with us when you were there – those were some of the best blogs, if I may say so – and having a better understanding of their culture is quite valuable.

            And, of course, a proper Southern lady wouldn’t be so… flashy; she’d rather leave things for one’s imagination by showing just enough skin to tease.

            In our part of the world, men are taught to place lots of value on a woman’s beauty and the more that can be seen (without her being naked), the greater the appreciation and, yeah, to the point where it makes us mindless and drooling and, thus, offensive. One can appreciate what a woman’s willing to show without the slavering idiot part.

            Yeah, I remember when a woman had to defend herself as if she were the one who committed the crime – that “she brought it on herself” stuff never flew with me.


            • Thank you for enjoying those blog posts. I’m not going back over there to give you more of them though. It’s hotter than dragon breath over there and boring as the deacons nodding in a prayer meeting.

              You know, I do believe these women can cut a fool over seeing men too. Times are changing. Though, women look more desperate than anything when they gawk at men folk. It’s kinda embarrassing.


              • I wouldn’t want you to go back into that oven – stupid hot doesn’t even begin to describe it!

                I can see how a proper Southern belle as yourself would find it embarrassing – women aren’t supposed to act, well, like men and being so obviously carnal.


      • You just reminded me how I enjoyed the film Wadjda, seeing the women wearing clothes within the family home and at school, living a more normal life, then having to “dress up” to go out where there were men – and the young girl’s rebellious feelings against these rules, and her struggles and difficulties.

        I think it’s a case of the more forbidden something is, the more fixating it can be. However, neither do I advocate going the other way to extremes – I think it’s nicer to keep some mystery, that’s what makes people more attractive (not necessarily a sex thing, but aesthetic) rather than letting everything hang out there.


        • I may have to look for that movie. And you’re right. The forbidden is more desirable and I agree in not going extreme in either direction. A little modesty leaves some element of intrigue and perhaps, long-term interest.


  5. It’s true! I stopped shaving my legs and the devil has taken over. I am constantly voting for equality, signing petitions for equal rights, and even going so far as to teach women self defense. If I had just kept on shaving and wearing skirts to work none of this hell raising would have happened. Let me be a warning to the women of the world. Freedom starts with throwig that razor in the trash.

    As for jeggings, well they don’t even have pockets. How could I carry my voter ID card if I didn’t have pockets!?!?!?!


  6. Totsy, you do get the conversation going! Loved this one and your premise is a good one! If the fashion police did not allow underarm shaving until after thirty, there might not be so many tarty displays on the street! But it should be my choice! I loved your posts from Saudi too but understand why it’s “been there, done that” for you. There are days when I think a burqa might be just the answer for a bad hair day when nothing in my closet looks right.
    And about those geezers (I’m one so I can say that) with high-waisted pants? Yuk! Then there’s the other end of spectrum with the young guys and pants on the ground!
    Tomorrow is International Women’s Day … officially … IMHO, every day is! Celebrate well!


    • In cold weather, I still wrap my scarf the way I did in Saudi. Just a habit now. You know, over there, the women shave too. Even hair on the arms, which I don’t. The Muslim women would look at it and whisper to each other. Just kinda strange to me but my having it was strange to them.

      Bad hair days happen, so go ahead and cover up. I do sometimes myself, in cold weather. I don’t like the high or low pants. Both can be kinda revealing. Know what I mean?

      Thanks for joining in the conversation. Maybe I’ll travel around my little city to tell y’all about these folk down here. We’re a right friendly bunch if you can find any locals who’re truly from these parts.Not that transplants aren’t but they can’t drive.


  7. I think we simply lost ways, lost sense, lost dignity. But we also lost who we are both as men and women. Don’t mistake me, I don’t think there is any problem with play with clothing, no issue with having fun with a low neckline or a high hem so long as it doesn’t reveal your all and it is worn in the right setting. I happen to love the old Pin Up girls, they were such fun. The flip side of them? They never showed it all, there was always a mystery to them.

    As to men? Well I wish they would pull them up and much quicker! But they can stop at just below the natural waist, that would be okay with me.

    Fashion is dictated not by those who wear it, but by others. By those who don’t consider modesty or social standards. It truly is up to us to consider these things.

    Loved this one!


  8. I love the idea of the fashion police because you’re right. Fashion trends are for the young and fit. Some women have no business wearing those cropped shirts with their bellies sticking out if you know what I mean. Sometimes more is just right. Me, I love scarves, especially around my neck so as to hide those tell-tale signs of aging.


    • I like scarves too but that came as a result of going to Saudi. They wouldn’t work in warm weather for me, however. Anyhow, if you wanna fill out that application for fashion police, hit me up with an email. 🙂


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