In Celebration of the Dysfunctional Woman


Everyone likes to be celebrated and women folk, March is your month. Or rather, ours. You, I mean, we asked for it, so we’re sure gonna get it. And fair is fair, okay? If you celebrate one woman, you have to celebrate them all. No matter how wretched some are, we must embrace the most brazen and undesirable of women folk to strengthen our sisterhood. Ahem. Cough, cough…

Now, if I may ask you a question. Who portrayed a woman so damaged, yet funny, that we laughed and thought about the lot in our own families? That’s right, Carol Burnett. Eunice was a sad wreck of a woman, with so very little going for herself but if you were like me, you just loved the night the show aired the little family that couldn’t and never would. Mama, played by Vicki Lawrence, ensured that misery remained intact and did a real fine job of it. Poor Ed, the character played by Harvey Korman, was just an unlucky fella who joined misery’s company and there was no escaping the shrieking sound of Eunice. For some reason, I always thought he could’ve been a man of potential had it not been for her…Hmmm, maybe not.

26 thoughts on “In Celebration of the Dysfunctional Woman

    • She was a mess and boy did Burnett play her. I can’t see anybody re-making Eunice. The Carol Burnett Show had the best cast and I don’t think any variety show has been able to top its success.


  1. I loved this show, and never missed it. I LOVE comedy. Carol Burnette is my all time favorite. That woman was a genius. What a gift to the world it is to make people laugh. You have that gift Tots! That’s why I keep coming back!


  2. Oh Totsy, you are so right! Carol Burnett and her cast were the absolutely finest comedy group. Nothing today matches that show. I mean, there are some very funny shows (Modern Family?) but they still don’t come close. I just have to look at Tim Conway and I start laughing. Excellent capture in your drawing. You should send Carol a copy!


    • That show is good for the soul. I don’t think reality TV replaced it. We’re in a different time, I guess. Plus, networks were trying to save money when reality shows started, so I get that. I wish Carol and the crew would do a reunion of sorts.


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