Catwalking with First Ladies

catwalking bea

You didn’t think I’d let Women’s History Month slip past without a word, did you? Leave it to moi, the queen bee, to keep you relevant and in style with women of class. Numero uno is me, baby. That’s right. I’m the style icon at the local Cheesecake Factory in the ATL and Totsy’s subdivision. Yes people, you must claim your fame wherever you can until you can do better, alright? I can walk with my head up without a tummy tuck because I am beautifully luscious as I am. Snap, snap, spin. Catch me before I fall, people. I’m dizzy now.

I know that you know Michelle Obama’s the most stylish First Lady since Jackie O. The other first ladies did what they could and we got through it. I have to say Nancy Reagan was fashionable too. Snap, snap Nance. You did that. And while we’re talking first ladies, I have to say Olivia Pope, you’re one chick who can wear a white coat and work a business like nobody’s business, okay? Yes, I get that you’re a TV character but I have to take my sunglasses off and give a shout out because I’m all about that life. You feel what I’m saying?

And too, while we’re talking Olivia, I do want you and Fitz to stop it with all this “I can’t breathe without you” talk. Of course, you can. You slept with Jake, who’s living in your apartment and taking off his shirt in front of you. I say, keep going for it girlfriend. I will if you won’t, okay? He’s single and you need to mingle to get that tingle with someone you’re evenly yoked with, as in available.

Oh my, time flies and I’ve veered off course on my subject matter here. Oh, well. Enjoy the catwalk with these lovely first ladies and I’ll catch you backstage before my Vegas show. You didn’t get a backstage pass? Call my manager. His office is at Starbucks where he’s trying to hook up with that free wifi, okay?

Fashionably Yours,

Beatrice from Apartment 7B

Jackie Kennedy. Google Image

Jackie Kennedy. Google Image

Nancy Reagan. Google Image.

Nancy Reagan. Google Image.

Michelle Obama. Google Image.

Michelle Obama. Google Image.


24 thoughts on “Catwalking with First Ladies

  1. Nancy always radiated such a sense of composure and grace. In 1980 I managed to finagle my way into the $100,000 donor table at the Miami
    Lincoln Day Dinner on Miami Beach. Just 10 feet away from her and
    Ronnie. They were just stunning and charming and the 2,000 attendees broke into cheers and standing ovations at the completion of every sentence of his speech. It was glorious.


    • Yes, I noticed the similarities after a few edits. And ditto to Scandal. I think there are 4 or 5 episodes left, unfortunately. Olivia’s dad is brewing and I know he’ll leave us with a mind-blowing cliffhanger.


    • Broken link? Are you referencing the post title? I do believe WordPress is out to sabotage my rising popularity. The devil is a lie. I won’t be held down on some technicality. Yes, I’m stylin’ and doing it in the cold.

      Hugs from the ATL,
      The Bea


  2. The painting, dying for it. You rock, anywhere not just the ATL.

    Jackie O, she was the icon for so many for so long. No one could touch her no matter how they tried. Have you seen though, what is coming down the runway from fashion week, I am loving much of it.

    Nancy was lovely in her subtle way. She at least wasn’t a frump. But Madam Obama, she rocks the house. She is grace, style, strength and beauty. She is a class act.


    • Thank you for that. 🙂

      No, no one could touch Jackie for a long while. Nancy was pretty classy though. She even wore off the shoulder dresses too. Hers was a more classic style with a little pizzazz in her own way, yes.

      Oh, I could talk fashion with you until the wee hours but I’m a diva on the go. Know what I mean? 🙂


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