Sincerely, Beatrice: The Trailer

I’m currently trying to catch up with myself. It’s a busy time, like any other time really, and I’ve been down with a cold. I’m trying to get into the swing of things and while in bed, I was able to put together Beatrice’s trailer for the summer comics series, which I’m very much behind on. My goal is to ultimately star Beatrice in her own literary work, so I get to toy around with ideas here. In the trailer, you’ll see some images are old and new, kinda like a flashback and flash forward type of movement with black and white sketches. If you’d like to know more about Beatrice, check out her posts here

Well, my energy’s zapped after writing this, folks. In the meantime, I’ll attempt to upload the video on the sidebar so you can put it on your calendar to tune in on time. I know you’ve been waiting your whole life for something like this. And oh, close the door tight on your way out.




20 thoughts on “Sincerely, Beatrice: The Trailer

    • And she’s ready to strut her stuff big time. Got the bikini ready and whatnot…

      I’d better get some other flavor of herbal tea. My throat’s not getting better, although my head has stopped hurting. That’s a relief.


  1. Ooh, that video sizzles! Had no idea you were planning a comic book with Miss B. Loved your video and really enjoyed the music. Tried to look for jazz piano bensound on iTunes and Amazon but couldn’t find it. Any other hints as to the music?


    • Thanks. I never planned that originally but I’ve fleshed her out to carry her through a work or maybe two, We’ll see how it goes.

      That is very nice music, isn’t it? There is some good royalty-free stuff out there.


      • I had no idea about the royalty free stuff out there! I have no use for it right now but it’s nice to know its there. Last night, after reading your post I went to the site and just played and listened. That jazz piano is sultry and relaxing.


  2. Brilliant!!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you are doing this. I’ve been working on ideas for a memoir trailer, so I find this VERY inspiring. The comic book idea is awesome. And I have looked at music, but hadn’t found any I like as well as this. On which site did you find it? Also, what did you use to make the video? Movie Maker?

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    • Why, thank you. I’m excited about it too. is where I got the music. He has lotsa good tunes over there. Monica’s Tangled Web liked his music too, A great talent. Yes, I used MoveiMaker and will until I upgrade to a professional software. I do think the music has a lot to do with making the video look good.


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