FYI: Things You Might Wanna Know

"Lies You Telling!" Acrylic on Paper. Copyright 2014 Totsymae

“Lies You Telling!” Acrylic on Paper. Copyright 2014 Totsymae

I hope you enjoyed the trailer for Sincerely, Beatrice. We’re making small strides behind the scenes, despite everything. I wish there were two of me. Well, to be more precise, a better me. I won’t go into that now. My eye itches. And that’s how I’m gonna  take my exit on that.

Now that we’ve gotten Women’s History Month behind us, I need to bring to your attention that April is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Month. Did you know there was a whole month recognizing this unfortunate circumstance? I’m not poking fun or nothing but I do find it kinda awkward. I mean, I’d really prefer to remain anonymous if that was an issue. Is there a support group where folk sit in a circle and talk about it or something? I’m real curious.

It’s also Emotional Overeating Awareness Month. Now, that one, I got my pom poms in the closet for. I partake in this activity on occasion and I’ll be honest, that’s some darn good eating at the time but it’ll sho’ nuff kick your butt later. But let’s not talk about IBS and overeating all in the same breath. That’s even more awkward, don’t you think? Moving on…

April is also Frog Month, okay? I don’t know how special that is to you but hey, why leave the frogs out. And last but most certainly never the least, it’s National Sexually Transmitted Diseases Month.

I’m just the messenger, folks.

20 thoughts on “FYI: Things You Might Wanna Know

  1. Gosh, I adore that acrylic! If that isn’t an image perfect for Women’s History Month and for a month that “celebrates” over-eating, I don’t know what is. But now that we are on to a month that celebrates the shits–well, what can I say? You’ve got a potty in that piece.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  2. Love the painting, that could be me. It is why I finally tossed the scale, no sense stressing. STD month? What is the point, I will never ever be exposed that would require I actually have company, not planning that anytime ever again. The rest? Why?


    • Thank you. I sold this piece in NC a few years ago.

      You can’t see that (relationship) happening now but you never know what can happen. You don’t know the ultimate plan. 🙂


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