On Being Grateful

Watercolor on paper

Watercolor on paper

You won’t believe how ecstatically ecstatic I am. No, I didn’t get picked up by a literary agent…Uh uh. Neither have I won the lottery or the showcase on The Price is Right…Okay, nevermind guessing…I’m off for the next week and a half. I’m gonna kick my heels up, throw my shoes out the window and I hope I don’t hit anybody in the process.

I know you wish you were me right now. Or maybe not. I’m just glad to be me right now. I couldn’t say that 100% an hour ago but I’m cool now. I hear the fish tank running, the clock ticking, and birds chirping outside my window. It gets no better than that, folks. Well, it does, a whole lot better in fact, but I’m gonna be grateful for what I got going now, okay?

Like, I could be stuck on the side of the highway with a flat tire while 18-wheelers have my ride trembling as they whiz past. Or I could be lost in the woods. Why I would be in the woods, I don’t know but it happens to folks, okay? Or, I could be choking like crazy from scarfing down that veggie pizza I just ate but all I can say is all praises to a good slice of pizza that hit the right spot, you feel me?

Well folk, I ain’t gonna keep rubbing my off time in your face. If you gotta punch the clock come Monday morning, be glad for the hand you have to punch it with, okay?



30 thoughts on “On Being Grateful

  1. Enjoy your time off and thanks for the reminder about being grateful … every day … just because. Everyone needs a reminder. Are you gong to share with us what you did? Cuz you know we’re nosy! Hope it was fun, worthwhile and in a plan to do again.


    • I will enjoy. I’ll go ahead and tell you that since this is a short spell of being off, I’m gonna be painting and sculpting. Some spring cleaning too. Not a great deal of fun but I have time to get a few things done. I’ll be staying up late, like I am now and relaxing too. I need it soooo bad.


    • Not a great deal I’ll be doing but getting things done around the house. I’m behind. But I’m okay with doing house stuff since there are only a few days I’ll be off this time.


  2. Oh I love seeing you enjoying the happy minutes! I figure what we get is a series of minutes. Some great minutes, some not great minutes, and a lot of so so minutes that make up time. We just need to really appreciate the happy ones. Seems to me the best day of the week has always been Friday. That is the day we anticipate the weekend. I’m always having happy minutes on Fridays. Sundays? Eh. Not so much!


    • The party’s still going on. I’ve truly been gifted. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I will find great joy in being creative and enjoying my bed, along with some cleaning here and there.


  3. Tosty! Totsy! Totsy Mae. Oh how I love hearing/reading from you. Just wanna say hello. I’ve been on your domain here in blogland but hardly much lately.

    Huggles and whatnot. 😉 xox


    • Hi there, Paz. Long time, no hear from. I had to stop over and see what was going on with you. Glad to know you’re still blogging a little. Take care and whatnot 🙂

      Huggles back atcha.


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