Less Talk, More Music and Art

I’m trying to stay warm this fine spring of 2014. It’s cold down here, folks. Though, I won’t spend  so much time yacking. Beatrice did enough of that all for us both yesterday.

Well, just so you know, the artwork in the video is very different from what you’ve ever seen me do. I was quite fascinated with art created by Australian Aboriginals. Instead of using paint, I opted for oil pastel. I do like the effect of the paint much better but I’m okay with what I produced. This process actually became rather addictive and I’m not an addict by any means. Or so I thought.

Anyhow, less talk. More music and art.


14 thoughts on “Less Talk, More Music and Art

  1. I know it may have been a superficial experience, but I became aware of the Aboriginal people and their plight through watching the movie, Quigley Down Under. It so complares to our Native Americans, which, I might add, are doing a wonderful job of keeping my wallet empty at their local casinos.


    • Well, it was a Yanni video that I learned about the music. The art, on YouTube. I feel very late in my learning but it came, nonetheless. Movies can be the beginning of learning, so I wouldn’t say it’s superficial. If you got something out of it, it was all worth it. As for your pockets being empty, you let Native Americans take over your wife’s job? 🙂


  2. God, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! Hope your week is going well, my friend. We just got back from the beach. I’m trying to sneak in a visit with you before my workshop gets going.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    • Thank you. You’ve got me smiling all on the inside and whatnot for that comment.

      The beach? Do you know even in the south we’re still cold down here, wearing jackets and all? What kinda workshopping you doing over in Ecuador? You know, I had a chance to go there when I was int he National Guard but I chose otherwise. I was young and on the foolish side. Now, I’d hop a plane to go almost anywhere, if it was all expenses paid. 🙂


  3. I loved the color and patterns, love them. Yes, different from your norm yet still I see you come through, just peeking around the corner. I love the music you selected also!

    (I think we should pile on and go see Kathy)


    • Thank you. I’ve never done abstract work but when I saw the art but the Aboriginal people, I was mesmerized. It’s amazing. That musician has style. I used his music in the previous video.

      My daughter just started working and my plan was to bring her. I have to see what’s going on with her schedule since she’s not a driver yet.


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