It’s A Social Media Jungle Out There

"So N Love" Oil Pastel. Copyright 2014 Totsymae

“So N Love” Oil Pastel. Copyright 2014 Totsymae

Folks, I finally got a Pinterest account. It was nothing like getting a credit or background check but I tell you folks, seems like that would be easier. I got a Facebook page I don’t halfway use. Luckily, the posts here automatically go there ’cause I’mma tell you the truth. Once I say what I want on this blog, I’ve said all I’m pretty much gonna say all day. Nobody needs to be able to locate where I’m Facebooking or Pinteresting from either. Oh, and don’t forget about my Twitter and Youtube accounts. Not to mention the email accounts. It’s driving me to snack. Now. Ask me if I remember any of the passwords. I get lucky, is all.

I used to have a Stumble On account but I didn’t like it. I can’t remember why. Somebody invited me to Klout and who in their right mind doesn’t want to have klout. Me, that’s who. I mean, it’s all too much. I have a life to live. It’s a social media jungle out there. When I first started with all this networking, I was on them fairly often. Facebook had its uses when I was in Saudi Arabia but now that I’m here, I don’t bother with it.

You know, I feel like I’m trying to keep up with the Joneses or be in some social club I wasn’t built for. And there are constant reminders of doom that if you’re not connected in these savvy ways, you may as well crawl under a rock and put your cave gear on. Well, I’m gonna keep my gear laundered and in the closet in case there’s another looming threat like Y2K.  Don’t laugh, you may just see me on the Yahoo list of  Who’s Trending Now.





26 thoughts on “It’s A Social Media Jungle Out There

  1. I will go find you on Facebook and Pintrest, cause I like those. I will even find you on Twitter, cause now and then I use that. The rest, yes painful and hard to deal with. Except for e-mail, I live in e-mail.


  2. Totsy, I love Pinterest and I think it’s perfect for you. Great place to pin your art to. Of all the social media outlets, I think it’s my favorite. It’s low maintenance. You don’t have to tweet on it everyday or update your status. I go on every once in a while and look at the lovely photos. Then I pin the ones I like. That’s it. I love being able to store all the recipes I come across on the internet in one place. I just started following you and I saw the recipe you have there for oven-roasted chick peas. Sounds delicious and easy!


  3. I tried Pinterest and Stumble but found they seemed more for picture based rather than text based content.

    I’ve just joined Twitter and am finding it useful in its own small way – usually when writers I admire tweet something that I also admire.

    But…. your amusing and breezy writing style is an attraction all on its own and I am glad to say that I don’t have to go anywhere else but my WordPress page to find you. You’re right, it’s a jungle out there.


    • Yes, Twitter’s pretty cool. You can find freelance work there without a lot of hassle. I may try to find an agent that way. Who knows, it may work. And thank you so much for the compliment. I love blogging and have found some wonderful, thought-provoking and creative folk through this type of outlet. If all I had to do was blog, that would be cool. This other stuff is busy work.


  4. I hear you! I have a Pinterest account, but I can’t figure it out totally. I have FB accounts and Twitter, as well, but it’s all just too much for me. Maybe I’m too much of an introvert. By the way, LOVE the piece at the head of this post!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    • You may wanna put that lovely furniture on Pinterest. I can’t figure out how to follow folk but some kinda way, I have a few that I am following. I can’t remember how I did it. I’m an introvert too but it’s the perfect place for Beatrice. 🙂 And thank you.

      Hugs from the south.


  5. I’m about to cave into Pinterest. Daughter #1 got on and I love the inspiration it has given her. Now on fb I don’t see selfies (groan) anymore but the workings of her design mind (smile). Sounds like with all your design interests, Pinterest is just the thing. Go ahead, enjoy. I’m not judging. I may bump into you there, soon, after daughter shows me how it works.


    • Yeah, go ahead and join so I ca see folk I know over there. I’m over there collecting recipes like some foodie on account of joining and I don’t even like to cook. It’s crazy the things one does when they join these sites. There is definitely lots of inspiration there. It’s quite amazing. Hey, I think it could be used to write a story too or book excerpts. Why not….


  6. Me too! I can’t figure out one social media from the next. I’m on Facebook, but I miss the posts I want to see and spend a lot of time looking at stupid quizzes (which character in literature are you?). From what I hear Pinterest is going to be great for the art. I also hear that once you start looking the visuals can be unlimited (just like your time right?). Best of luck navigating the strange waters.


    • You’re right about the art. It’s limitless on creativity and I love it! It’s time consuming too, as you say. Now, how you end up looking at quizzes, I don’t know. You must be one of those analytic kinda folks.


  7. It is a jungle out there. I am on FB a lot, Twitter is like a party of strangers where nobody talks to me….like ever, but I still post. I have pinterest but I forget to use it. All the other ones I have signed up for like Tumbler and so on…I have forgotten about them. I’m sure 10 new ones will sprout up soon and be all the rage. Ho hum! Sigh. Instagram? Haven’t done that. More pictures!

    At least we know where to find you and Beatrice on the blogsite. Woo-hoo!!! xoxo


    • Funny! I can’t remember some others I’m registered with either. I tried to sign up for Instagram from my computer but was later told you have to do it from the smartphone. Whatever…I’m not going through the trouble. I heard on a morning news show that Instagram can sell your pictures and the users won’t see a dime of the money, so I don’t wanna use it anyhow.

      Long as we know where our blogs are, we can find who we wanna. I think blogging is the best way to network. You get to see more what folk are thinking than just pictures.


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