Standing Ground to Keep the One You Love

Copyright 2014 Totsymae

Copyright 2014 Totsymae

Folks, today, I’m  gonna report the news on what’s happening down south. Picture this. Me on your TV screen talking  just like this, reporting the 6:00 news…

On Monday, a man was all broken up ’cause his woman left him. His time had expired in her life and she was moving down a different road without him. He wasn’t doing right and she wasn’t having it, more than likely. Folks, he was too through about this. I mean he was so through, he put it in his mind to follow her to the mall and have it out with her. Oh yeah, he was gonna cut the fool like he’d never done before, you hear me?

Well, she’d just done her shopping and what have you and heading to her car. His no count self approached her and got to yelling and whatnot. Just raising all kindsa hell. Folks were looking all around and next thing you know, a POW POW POW shot into the air and landed in that woman’s body. It was an awful sight, witnesses say, but all they could do was call 911.

This fool-cutter, we’ll now call him, who did the shooting, left like not a darn thing had ever happened. Got in his ride and drove away like any other day. You hear me?

To conclude this unfortunate story, the woman fought real hard but not too long ’cause she passed on yesterday. I’m real sure she left loved ones behind. And it so happens this fella did too. You see, he went to an even darker place inside himself. Had all them swirling emotions riding his tail and it was all, way too much. He drove to a spot, where nobody was around to intercept ending his life in peace. Now, folks wanna know why he didn’t do that before he shot that woman. And folk ponder that every time a story like this happens, which happens real often, you know.

True story, folks. Happened the other day.





14 thoughts on “Standing Ground to Keep the One You Love

    • Seems like every other day somebody’s killing down here. Now that a law’s been passed to carry guns anywhere, it has potential to become the wild, wild south. And did I mention we also have a Stand Your Ground Law?


  1. It always amazes me when whether it be the 4th of July, New Years Eve, or what, some moron shoots a gun into the air, obviously not thinking that somewhere that projectile is going to return to the earth and whatever is on it. Lordy!


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  3. This is so disturbing to read and like a lot of things men do, it makes no SENSE! I wish that I could feel more optimistic about the progress women are making in terms of equality, but men can be so destructive and so obsessed with keeping women, who are generally the gentler sex, down. It can seem sometimes that all my women friends who are married are all placating and working around difficult men. I too was married to one of these men and when I did not fit in with his idea of me he set out to destroy me. Luckily for me, it was not with a gun. But emotional abuse can be very hard to handle. But I am alive, unlike the poor woman you write about.


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