The Wild, Wild South

"You Want This" Watercolor/Ink on paper. Copyright 2014 Totsymae

“You Want This” Watercolor/Ink on paper. Copyright 2014 Totsymae

It’s getting crazy down here, folks. Not only is it about to get hot down south but on July 1st, folk will be able to carry a gun anywhere they want. To school. The grocery store. To church. You name it, we can take it.

In addition, where I’m at, we’ve long time had a Stand Your Ground law in place. You know what that means. Sitting right above Florida, with George Zimmerman stalking about, there’re gonna be some gun-toting fools around here just like him.

You see, our governor is for death, not life. He rejected legalizing medical marijuana for children who have multiple seizures per day. Put a big, red X on the bill the very day those parents were begging and begging for their children to have some quality of life. And you know what happened today? A husband cut the fool ’cause his wife filed for divorce Monday. He wasn’t having no wife of his upping and leaving his fool self, so he saw fit to load up and go after her. She’s the Assistant D.A., okay? Know what happened next? He took a gun to himself, like his twin spirit did the other day.

Do understand, if you’ve got an ounce of sense, you can pretend you’ve got two and get a gun permit. What’s gonna happen on Black Friday? Or when that road-rager is bumped in traffic on a day he’s just been fired? Or when I’m cleaning house and turn up the volume on my stereo ’cause I’m so happy…

19 thoughts on “The Wild, Wild South

  1. The world has gone mad, hasn’t it? Believe it or not, in the North we have the largest number of guns per capita. Stand your ground isn’t even an issue up here, it’s a way of life. The weather can get pretty gloomy, dark and gray, so our suicide rates are far higher than our homicide rates. That changes as you head South, when apparently sunlight makes people more likely to come out of their homes and start offing each other. On the bright side, there is less depression and less suicide. As you can see, I’ve gotten philosophical about the world’s horrors. If I had my choice, I’d say stop the merry go round, I want to get off! Or perhaps somebody could stop putting the clowns in charge of the circus?


    • That’s interesting, When I lived in Taiwan, there was virtually no crime rate. It was kinda rare to even to a public argument.. We just don’t have a live and let live temperament in the states, so to here that gun access and where they can be carried is practically anywhere, is disturbing, While it would be unfortunate to see the suicide rate rise, those murder suicides that happened here recently leaves a troublesome thought. Hopefully, we’ll vote this clown out this year. I’m getting my early vote in next week.


  2. No doubt about it, you’ve got a crazy governor. Those families that need medical marijuana should move to Washington State, Colorado or California. In fact you should all up and leave and move to one of the coasts (but not Florida). You need to head north or west to Cali. We are much more sane here and wouldn’t create such an obscene gun law. Don’t go to Arizona cuz their gun law is just as bad. What gets me is that Pierre guy from the NRA, who seems maniacally happy when people find more excuses and more opportunities to use guns and more laws are passed allowing guns everywhere.

    I naively thought that after what happened at that school in Connecticut where 20 children and adults were killed, we’d sober up about it. I didn’t think making background checks necessary to buying a gun was too much to ask, did you? Well, maybe your governor can create a law that gives everyone the right to brush their teeth with a gun. And also take guns to see the doctor. That way, if you don’t like the prognosis (Cancer? Alzheimer’s? Herpes?) you can shoot him. After all, you’ve got to stand your ground.


    • Folk, and I don’t know any specifically, are resorting to illegal methods to help their children. And who can blame them. In no way would it have hurt him to help those families. What I’ve stated here is only the tip of the iceberg of what disqualifies him now and for re-election.

      As for school, staffers can take gun to the schools as of July 1. Yes, you heard right. I want to know why this makes more sense than having a resource officer do his/her job in the school. Seems like was happened in Connecticut infused the idea that guns everywhere.

      The voters will part ways with this governor on election day. I just hope no more bills come across his desk in order for him to inflict further damage.


  3. I don’t know what Black Friday is, but I don’t think I would celebrate it if I did. Totsy, these fools want to tote guns everyplace they go are just looking for trouble. And the sad part is, they won’t shoot each other. Some kid (with a hoodie no doubt) will be playing his music too loud and somebody will decide they need to quiet him permanantly. I’m not opposed to guns. I think everybody who wants to take a gun to the range for target practice should have the right to do so, if they have a license for it and can pay for the range. Miliary and police use guns. Whatever. In England the police do not carry guns. Their crime rate is lower than ours. My Oklahoma relatives all have “conceal / carry” permits, including my half crazy 90 year old aunt. They all think this makes perfect sense. I do not understand why anybody is that stupid, but they are.


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