Christ’s Love for Women

See, there's this thing called biology...

humilityA few years ago somebody decided we needed a politically correct bible that
was more inclusive and used gender neutral pronouns. My horrified response
was a bit amusing coming from a former feminist. There is so much deception woven in
between that alleged desire for biblical inclusiveness, that I quite literally panicked.
So often, what we seek, we destroy. A gender neutral bible, rather then lifting women up,
seeks to erase us entirely, to separate us from Christ’s love, to deny the miraculous
nature of the bible.

I do not care what atheists say, what feminists say, even what some Christian men try to say,
from the very first chapter of the bible to the very end, God declares His steadfast love for women.
We are one of His first gifts to the world. However, it would not surprise me at all if Adam woke up in the garden, scratched his…

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