Should Jada and Will Whip Their Belt Back and Forth?

"Red Bikini" Acrylic on paper. Copyright 2014 Totsymae

“Red Bikini” Acrylic on paper. Copyright 2014 Totsymae

It’s a beautiful day to be gossip – ing

It’s a beautiful day to be gossip – ing

Would you be my

Would you be my…

You get the picture, alright? I’m stretching my talents to exhibit my vocal skills, people. I’ve enough music to publish a CD but I’m still tweaking my sound. You feel me? That chic named Yonce, Beyon or whatever she calls herself, better watch out for none other than The Bea. Work your game, girl because I’m about to twirl onto the world stage, Mrs. Carter. Therefore, let us swiftly forget about her and tune in to me, will you?

People, I have what I call a questionable and somewhat disturbing item of juice, gossip or what have you, to present. You see, I was on my way to work and got word, from a local station that is, that Willow Smith, the daughter of Will and Jada, is posting photos of concern on Instagram. Not that everybody’s not doing it already but hey, it so happens to be Willow this time. People are talking and naturally, I’m one of them.


Willow, at 13, is lying between a man’s legs? and at the head of the bed, is a shirtless gentleman, age 20. Other than a very big smile on the face of the man, who’s said to be good friends with the Smiths, this is all we see. We could perceive it as art but it’s not in a museum or gallery, okay? It’s on a social network where ego and flesh meet. Because it’s where it is, we can assume any and everything we want.

Now, I don’t particularly care what the child posts since she’s not mine. But Jada thinks anyone who believes the photo is anything but innocent is a “covert pedophile.” Okay, Jada, I get that. But well, you weren’t in the company of your daughter and the family friend to confirm nothing took place prior to this photo. I’m just not certain when it’s ever appropriate for a child to be in bed with a 20-year old man, with what I assume, raging hormones. Jada, I’m not saying anything happened and I hope nothing did, I’m just curious as to your reply on that.

You see, Jada, when you responded to the paparazzi about the photo, I couldn’t discern if you were angry at Willow for posting it or the questions that I’m quite sure you knew would come. Based on my last documentation of Willow, she turned down the musical, Annie, because she wanted to enjoy being a kid. If you remember, Jada, Michael Jackson went to trial for being in bed with kids and we never saw photos to prove it actually happened. I mean, he said it but I’m wondering what happens to you or that man after this viral photo. Will Willow get a pass on this or what? People are very curious, particularly me, about your parenting style because I’m real sure a lot of children would love to be your child right about now.

While I could go on and on about this, I won’t. If you would though, Jada, hit the comment button to give my blogging community the scoop, which I’m all about on a 24/7 basis, okay? In the mean and tween time, I must toodle along. I’ve had a long day and while rest eludes me, beauty doesn’t, alright?

Curiously Yours,

Beatrice from Apartment 7B

18 thoughts on “Should Jada and Will Whip Their Belt Back and Forth?

  1. I am not Catholic, but every time I see something like this, I think there is a definitely a place in this world for convent schools. And if her mama isn’t concerned, her daddy ought to be. And a serious talk is in order. But I don’t have kids, so what do I know?

    Thanks for the scoop, Totsy and Bea. Without y’all, I’d be totally ignorant about world affairs.


  2. He’s 20? I mean, okay it could just be he was lounging and she was sleepy-ish or is a lounger. I mean maybe someone one else was in the room (who took the photo). Um, but she is 13 years old and he is 20 and they are lounging on the bed not couch.

    Would she have had the same reaction if it weren’t her child? Perhaps this is an opportunity to have a talk with her child about what happens in the world and why this photo would raise brows.

    But why is Ms. sex trafficking activist offended at people’s questioning? She knows what kinda world we live in, Willow does for that matter. She’s the one who brought the sex trafficking problem to mommie’s ATTENTION. I dunno, we don’t know them. Is it me?


    • No, we don’t know them. And the points you bring up makes Jada’s actions somewhat contrary to her cause. I do wonder if her response was out of frustration, that it caught her off guard. If so, it would’ve sent a message to parents to be more firm had her response been different. Though, she doesn’t have to prove anything to us. Sadly, she’s not proving a positive point at all.


  3. I’m with you. This girl is 13 and she has no business growing up so fast. I don’t care if she’s in Hollywood. It’s wrong. Kids need their childhood. I don’t like what this means for the rest of us. It’s all moving too fast. Sure, she’s famous and can do this, but soon others will follow. It’s just not right.


    • It sure is wrong. I know Hollywood isn’t responsible for raising everybody’s children but it sends the wrong message for those who know no better. There are many young parents and they’re in tune to Hollywood happenings, perhaps more than I. You have to wonder what’s next.


  4. I totally agree! Somebody needs to whip that belt back and forth in the Smith household! Jada shouldn’t be worried about what the “preception” was but more of why in the hell is your 13 year old daughter hanging out with a 20 year old man and where the hell was she (jada)? I can’t get with this at all. Let’s see what Little Ms Willow is like in 5 years.


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