The Truth and Nothing But


So, I’m somewhat hooked on creating these animated gifs  and I thought, what a cool way to display my paintings. The saying goes that you learn something new everyday. I don’t know if that’s true for me every day. I mean, it could be true but I couldn’t go before a court and testify to it. Nor could I give a testimony before a congregation either. I could be bought, however.

Anyhow,nothing too interesting is happening in these parts. Or maybe I’ve just been too aloof to notice. On the other hand, when I really think about it, I suppose I turn off the care button sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very sensitive person but sometimes I have to turn it off and self-absorb what’s going on with me. If  I’m not careful, it becomes about everybody else except me. Know what I’m saying? But these days, I got stuff on my mind.

Like, how’s the grass gonna get cut next door now that my neighbor’s moved out. And why am I even worried about the grass over there when my own backyard needs cutting. You know how folks are. Always dipping in other folk stuff when theirs’ not together. Don’t try to act like I’m the only one. And I’m not even gonna say I’m a work-in-progress. That’s so overused. Some days, I’m just work, okay? If I’m nothing else, I’m honest and when I’m not, I’m lying, so how’s that truth for you.









20 thoughts on “The Truth and Nothing But

  1. Love your beautiful colorful artwork and letting us eavesdrop on your very chatty self talk. You know what they always say…”The grass is always greener…” but I think you’re winning. Watching your moved neighbor’s grass grow may allow you to mow every two weeks instead of every week.


    • Thank you, Georgette. I will be in the yard come early Friday morning. I was so used to cutting that side we share and now that he’s gone, I’ve got extra to do. I just hope my next neighbors are good or better than him. Maybe they’ll cross over and cut my whole yard.


  2. So the colors in that painting would go quite perfectly in my selfie room (the room I am making for me to hang out in). Like the added interest of movement.

    Aren’t we all just work some days?


  3. I like the way the gif works with the aboriginal style work. Not sure I’d like it as well with some of your other stuff, but maybe. I love that you tell the truth the way you do. My neighbors are wondering about my lawn, but no one has cared enough to come by and offer to cut it so there.


    • Thank you. I’m playing around to see how animation may work with other art pieces. It’s challenging and fun.

      I’ll be in the yard on Friday before the birds start singing, to cut the back and front. Long as it’s not hot, I can handle it.


  4. Totsy, one of the first things that pulled me into your blog (apart from your fabulous art …) was the way you handle the truth. There’s always laughter in your posts, no matter how serious the topic. You’ve got as fine a way with words as you do with your brushes and pastels … “just work”, yup!


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