Damsel in Deep Distress

bea on phone

What ever will she think of next? I am too beautiful to withstand this kind of humiliation from Totsy. Yet, here I am with my very own paparazzi. Where is a good and dear friend when you need one? I assure you, it sure isn’t her. Get in the driver’s seat and hit me with a bus, so that Denzel can save me, people. I am a damsel in deep distress as I look at this image of myself…Uuuuuuh…Fainting.

I was intending to talk about Sherri Shephard’s pending divorce and how her husband is filing for custody of their unborn surrogate child, while her ex-hubby is filing for custody of the son they have together and wondering why Sherri married her current husband without checking his work credentials, which, to my findings, he doesn’t have very much of any in the entertainment industry as he and Sherri led her to believe, because get this people, he isn’t working at all and apparently, does very little to nothing around the house. Catching breath…

Also, according to my sources, Sherri signed a prenuptial agreement that she would disburse $60,000 from her account should they divorce. Now, while Sal, the estranged hubby is slightly on the lazy side, I must also say he’s very low budget too, okay? Well, being a woman who was confused and ready to marry, Sherri signed the agreement but Sal is fighting to overthrow everything he agreed to because guess what, he wants more, of course.

Why, I’m just as confounded as Sherri as to why she didn’t check her resources since she’s doing it with all the people she talks about on The View. What a huge egg on her face. It’s akin to your dress ripping in two as you’re walking down the red carpet and catching a breeze on your backside with cameras flashing, only to see it advertised at the grocery store in a free magazine that sells used cars and…If it can happen to me, it can happen to you too, okay?

Anyway, Sherri. Take a slow ride down the aisle to matrimony on your third go-around.


Hardest Working Woman on the ATL Strip,

Beatrice from Apt. 7B


22 thoughts on “Damsel in Deep Distress

  1. I’ll cut Sheri a little slack. As a parent of a special needs child I can’t explain how BIG a factor that relationship is in determining the course of a relationship. If they like each other and seem to accept each other, what does it really matter that he hasn’t worked much……. Unfortunately relationships move faster than kids grow up and what you see doesn’t necessarily predict what you might get.


    • Well, it mattered to Sherri because ultimately, what he said didn’t match up with what he did. If Sherri was okay with him not working, she wasn’t okay with him not being helpful around the house or contributing where she thought he should have been. And if you watch The View, it was always Sal this and Sal that, which spelled trouble in my book. Just a woman’s intuition.


  2. Actually, Sherri is a damsel in deep doo doo. Why does a beautiful woman hook up with a loser like that? Give me a break. A guy doesn’t have to be a genius, or a stud, or movie star handsome. But he does need to have a Jay Oh Bee!


    • Yes, she is with both of these men going after her. What doo doo, indeed. I shall tune in tomorrow to see if she gives us the latest scoop. My feeling is that it will all go in her favor. These men are gold diggers.


  3. I watch The View every day (I DVR it and watch it while I cook dinner), and today was the first time I’ve heard of this business. I love Sherri–she always makes me smile. Too bad she’s in such a situation.


      • Hmmmmm. Well,
        1. I live 8 minutes from Miami Beach
        2. I have a car(that starts most of the time)
        3. I have over $90.00 in the credit union
        4. I’ve been arrested only 7 times
        5. I can cook
        6. I do my own laundry(so it’s done correctly)
        7. I live near the huge Aventura Mall with a 24 screen theater(I was there two years ago)
        8. I believe in letting the woman have some space(You’re goin’ to the moon Alice)
        9. I can see fairly well out of my good eye
        10 I have at least 20 pounds of chocolate candy on hand at all times

        so whattya think so far ?


  4. I quit after the first! You really think she’ll remarry though? I remember when she married this guy, talking about him being the love of her life and she was never happier and all. We’ll look what such happiness bought her. If you ask me, marriage is the biggest scam. So many get taken in by it. And half come out like they’ve been sucker-punched. Poor Sherri, indeed.


    • Quitters never win and you know that, Monica. Give it at least one more shot but don’t do it in the dark, okay?

      I think if Sherry marries again, she’ll allow more time to lapse between marriages. She was a bit hasty going into the second, for whatever reason.

      Marriage a sham? Oh my, Monica. I must get you into rehab. One bad husband bit the dust, so brush off and try again. And again. However many times it takes.


    • Marriage is a good thing and we shouldn’t put it asunder. That’s just me and a whole lot of other people who keep trying. I think people don’t learn and keep getting it wrong. Marriage itself isn’t the issue, it’s the people who determine they should be together that make unions less desirable.


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