On Being Drama-Free

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I don’t know about you but Drama is not my middle name. Now, I do believe as long as there’s breath in you, you’re gonna have it on some level. How you handle it can escalate or quell the stress and longevity of it. I don’t care if you’re 25 or 75, you’re gonna have your share of drama. You may even be an inventor of it, or the stirrer, or kinda on the slick side in starting it. I tell you though, some of the most theatrical folk will swear to your grave, they are at peace with the universe and in a good space and all this other new age whatnot. Whatever.

If you’re, say 75, down with sickness and whatnot, unfortunately, that’s a level of drama. It may be ’cause you didn’t take care of yourself for 50 years, so in a so to speak sorta way, you brought some drama on yourself. Your head is all wrapped up in the sickness of your body and every time you’re on the phone with somebody, you’re talking about what you ate, this and that ache and what the doctor told you. Understand too, you can take real good care of your body and stuff just breaks down anyhow. It’s life. It happens. So be it.

You can also be a drama stirrer. I can’t rightly name a specific occasion where I’ve been the stirrer but I will say I’ve been an inventor on some level. I mean, if you’re gonna be involved in anything, there’s nothing like getting in on the ground floor of opportunity. I’m just taking responsibility for my role, okay? I can’t rightly say that’s where I am now. It’s not my nature anyhow. I’m just so cool, know what I mean? I could be going through the roughest time and you’d never get an invitation to know ’cause it’s really not your business. You feel me?

I’m amazed and quite baffled at the level of drama senior folk keep up. I had a senior friend awhile back go through a divorce at 65. I asked her, “Y’all sure y’all can’t work that out?” “Naw,” she told me. You see, she’d married the husband a second time and he wanted somebody else. Ended up moving to Alabama and living with a woman he still couldn’t find happy with. Now, my friend’s around 75 and single. Just out there in a pool of senior men folk who don’t drive at night, talking about bowel movements and going on walks for dates. Something she can still complain about if she’s in the market to get hitched again. You’d be surprised to learn how many women are single and looking at that age. I imagine the competition is stiff and still not quite drama-free. That’s life now. It’s happening. So it is.







14 thoughts on “On Being Drama-Free

  1. LOL, that was great. I was quite surprised to discover that older people love drama almost as much as teenagers. The only difference, older people are people are better at it. Seriously, if you ever tangle with an older drama queen, just drop it an surrender immediately. You can’t win, they’re simply too good at it.


    • Believe me, I was surprise at the senior “activity” too. I could tell you more but…Yes, they are more experienced in drama. Throw in the towel and just keep it moving is what I say.


  2. I think, just maybe, drama might keep our hearts pumping a little bit. Now I am not going to talk about my physical ailments. But I do talk about the heart, the soul and what the world does; how I walk through the world. Sometimes how we walk through the world can help others see through different eyes, can help others learn lessons without having to make the same mistakes. I am good with that, with sharing the paths we walk.


  3. I don’t know what I like better- your writing style or your art. Oh heck- love ’em both!
    Drama… I’ve had quite enough thank you very much. But, guess it crops up sometimes anyway.
    Loved that line…“Y’all sure y’all can’t work that out?” Bahahahahahaha!

    Thanks for the laughs and the deep thoughts too. Great way to start the day.


    • Thanks, Pamo 🙂
      As for Drama, I avoid her when I can ’cause in my experience, she’s come in the form of a woman. And at one point, it was Then Husband. Oh honey, he could cut a rug like nobody’s business.


  4. Help me, Lord! LOL! You are too funny! “A pool of senior men folk who don’t drive at night.” #flatlines. And this: “Your head is all wrapped up in the sickness of your body and every time you’re on the phone with somebody, you’re talking about what you ate, this and that ache and what the doctor told you.” Bwa!


  5. Caroused the dark streets of Miami a few decades and then there were the terrorist grade women. I live a fairly isolated life now. I am content. No more drama. It is an enjoyable adventure to explore who we are and what remains ahead without all the accouterments of “out there”.


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