(Rolling Eyes) Why Is She Onstage Now?


If you’ve been visiting Totsymae dot com for awhile, you know I’m a faithful Dr. Phil watcher. I know. He’s a showboat. Kinda rude. Sometimes arrogant. And powders down his bald spot. That’s okay. Every one of us has that potential, so let’s move past all that, can we?

Folks, if you don’t know already, I’ve been wanting to sit in Robin’s spot in the audience. I mean, first of all, I’m not sure why she’s there other than to keep other women folk off her man. I get it but as far as I’m concerned, she can wait for him backstage after the show’s over. As it is though, she’s taking up a seat in the audience, which could rightly be mine if I were to go to Cali.

Now, I’m not wanting Dr. Phil, just the seat, okay? I don’t wanna have to go all the way to Cali, wait in line and the last seat I could’ve had is occupied by her.  Folks, I wouldn’t wanna commence to duking it out with Robin over no chair she shouldn’t be occupying. For that hour, Dr. Phil belongs to us and so do those chairs. Why ever does she need to be in his face ALL the time? Are there insecurity issues she needs to go to therapy about? I mean really, Robin!

In addition to the audience chair, folks, Robin’s now onstage running off at the mouth as if she’s somebody we wanna hear. We don’t, do we? I thought not. Matter of fact, I should be onstage. I can talk just as much nonsense as her. Plus, Dr. Phil wouldn’t have to come home to me after hanging out with me ALL day and roll his eyes. You know how he does it when he’s sick of his guests onstage. I’m pretty sure Robin gets the same business after going to work with him, eating breakfast together, knocking on his dressing room door, walking on the set with him, eating dinner, and then going to bed. It’s ridiculous.

I understand that video has absolutely nothing to do with this post. The same applies to Robin on the Dr. Phil Show, okay?


27 thoughts on “(Rolling Eyes) Why Is She Onstage Now?

  1. I can’t even believe you wrote this!! I don’t usually watch him but it was on the other day and I said almost the exact same thing that you did!! Hehe 🙂 Blessitude


  2. Let’s leave it as they both have insecurities about each others. Anytime you cannot be without your spouse or boy friend for an 8hr work day there is a problem.


  3. If you went all the way to Cali you’d have better things to do than sit your ass down at Dr. Phil. Let Robin have the seat. (Of course I’m in total agreement that if she’s going to be there every time backstage is much more sensible.)


  4. LOL! You crack me up. Can you believe I feel the same way about Robin? What the heck is she doing there? Seriously, make her go away! I can’t stand Dr. Phil, but the way his wife just hovers there in the background really annoys me.


    • I can believe it. She is downright annoying. I’m all for a happy couple but I don’t wanna see her every time I watch the show. And I’m not gonna stop watching. I know. That’s my problem more than hers.


  5. **I understand that video has absolutely nothing to do with this post. The same applies to Robin on the Dr. Phil Show, okay?**

    I laughed when I read this. I agree about Robin! xx


  6. Totsymae!! I have missed you!

    I have been away from the blogging world for awhile, and this is the first of your posts I have read in some time – and what a way to come back!!

    You are brilliant, really. I don’t even watch Dr. Phil, and I was captivated by your cause!

    I will return in a short amount of time – I will not stay away as long as I have done.

    Blessings, Totsymae.



  7. I LOVE your posts mighty Totsymae and Bea. Ok, ok, ok, I know flattery gets me nowhere. How about flannery? I do watch the doctah because I can’t believe people actually talk about their personal biz on national TV. On the other hand, I am so glad he interviewed Michelle Knight (free!) from Cleveland. We need all the healing we can get. I think they do a lot of good work. Maybe I’m naïve. And Robin is just too cute and perfect…but she could stand to put on a little weight don’t you think?


    • Thank you much, Susan.
      I can’t believe folk air their dirty laundry that way either. I must get paid top dollar for that! My goodness, there are some messed up folks out there. I must’ve missed Kinight’s interview. I don’t know who she is but that’s okay since she doesn’t know who I am either.

      Yeah, Robin could use some carbs for sure. Just a toothpick of a woman, ain’t she.


  8. I don’t watch Dr. Phil myself. Not a fan. But I bet you anything that Robin shows up and sits in the audience or with him, and she’s getting paid for that. If she sat in the back, she wouldn’t but because the camera probably falls on her every once in a while, she’s getting paid plenty to be there. Now, how do you feel knowing that? If you took the seat, you’d be doing it for free.


    • How do I feel? Hmph… Now, I’d like to collect me some coins when I sit in that seat is what. I mean, I could use that kinda payday more than her. I’m also more annoyed by that revelation.


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