A Question from Genesis

burger with watermarkHave you noticed, and perhaps you have ’cause I’m no genius, that blogs are like Burger King? You can have it your way or not at all, if you’re vegetarian. Personally, I like that concept but some kinda way, I’ve not been lucky enough to have it ALL my way.  I’m gonna ask you this since it’s on my mind but first, I want you to also ponder Genesis. You know, Adam and Eve.

They had everything going for them and we, of course, can see that in hindsight. Wasn’t like we were there to stop’em but you get what I’m saying. Anyhow, I was sitting in my car today and told Little Totsy, “I sho’ nuff wish I could sing.” Just as quickly as I thought that, I was jolted with the thought that I should be thankful I’m even still around and to appreciate what I can do. You see, Adam and Eve weren’t thankful either. I mean, I know that Eden was designed for them to do exactly as they did since they were made in the likeness of God and whatnot. But let’s erase that, okay?

In essence, my desire to sing, which will never happen in this life if you could hear me, is a form of complaining. I probably can’t sing ’cause I’d be arrogant or a whining diva or have some kinda addictive behavior. So, I came to the conclusion that I am who I am ’cause I am. It’s that simple.

Like Adam and Eve, I became ashamed on account of how I was thinking. But thankfully, ’cause I was outside and driving my vehicle, sitting at a red light, I already had clothes on. The question I wanna ask is have you ever wondered how Adam got his get-up from Eve after she stitched up the clothes. I figure, being southern and all, she did the sewing. Or am I the only one? And if my imagining is right, how did she wind up getting his fig leaves to him since they were ashamed?…Hmmm.


19 thoughts on “A Question from Genesis

  1. LOL, that was cute! I can’t sing either. Actually, we’re not really supposed to sing, just to make a joyful noise. Sometimes I can manage that.

    I have no idea about Adam and Eve’s clothes, but we were lied to. In all those pictures they have these tiny fig leaves placed strategically, like a bikini. Fig leaves in the region however, are huge. Eve could have hidden behind one fig leaf and two would have been like a tent.


  2. I just love the insight of your post- whether that was intentional or not because of course, it’s very funny too!
    The message is to be grateful. Yes! It’s a wonderful message and I will remember it.
    I’m sure Eve did sew the clothes and then she drew comics to deal with her frustration. 🙂


    • Thank you, Pamo. I reckon I’d best keep right on singing as I do and being thankful.
      Yeah, I’m sure Eve had to do do comics being with all those men folk in the house and whatnot. I imagine she caught it bad with the toilet seat and all.


  3. You are on a beautiful path Totsy. You just keep letting go of complaint, blame and shame and I bet you, you will be surprised what is on the other side of that. I think you have a good idea of what it is though.


  4. They sat on either side of the tree trunk and she handed them around, simple. You know some things we just have to take on faith.

    I can sing, in my car with the windows up. I always forget to close the moon roof though, I think that is why people stare.


  5. Maybe you could be a back-up singer like the women featured in the documentary film, “20 Feet from Stardom” or like the Pips, as in Gladys Knight and the… Which reminds me, I once saw a funny thing way back when on the Dick Van Dyke variety show. One night his guests were the Pips. Apparently Gladys couldn’t make it. It totally cracked me up because they sang their back up parts to Midnight Train to Georgia, which made the song sound so different without anyone singing the main part of the song. I laughed til I cried, and that’s the truth.

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