Mixed Emotions

Mixed Emotions

I’m having technical issues, folks. My laptop’s been admitted to Computer Community Hospital, so this is serious. My other laptop, I had to order a battery for, so a friend let me borrow  this one. With all that filling your ear and whatnot, that means I have to pause on Sincerely, Beatrice ’cause I don’t have the same software for laying out the comics or for enhancing my photos. It was hard enough to post this. Just so you know, I didn’t borrow the computer to blog. I work using the computer, so this is kinda a necessity.

In the meantime, I don’t have a whole heck of a lot to say. I was, however, feeling a little Pollocky (Jackson Pollock, that is) over the weekend in painting this piece for someone.

17 thoughts on “Mixed Emotions

  1. Computers! Don’t get me started!

    I was wondering about this kind of modern, splashy art. Is there a pattern you see/feel/plan or is it all about freedom? When do you know when to stop? I’m being serious.


    • Okay, so we won’t talk computers.

      This splatter effect is what you’d call action painting, which Pollock was known for. It really is about emotion, mood and yes, freedom ’cause it doesn’t conform. Like any art, each viewer will get something different out of it. I can’t speak for other abstract artists because I don’t typically do them but for me, it’s unplanned. I started this with a palette knife, a planned idea in my head, and it just wasn’t going as I wanted. A little frustrated, I ended it by throwing paint on the canvas ’cause I favor texture. Because the buyer wanted orange to show through in the work, I stopped when I felt too much would fade out the orange.


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