We’re All Controlled by Devices


Being that I’m without my main source of accessing the internet, I thought I’d let you know that I’m feeling rather reflective, and I reckon, a tad resentful. While I’m at it, just throw some haterade in the mix too. Maybe the Amish are on to something by living in an analog world after all.

You see folks, we’ve become the robots that used to get built in science labs. I know you were fearful clones would come and snatch your job, man, date your daughter or whatever else you hold so dear to your heart but I, folks, think you should be fearful of your dependency on devices. Just think. You’re now a part of the largest segment of the world’s population who’s controlled by a piece of equipment that cost anywhere from 29.95 to 999.00. You’re also teaching your children to be dependent and undermining the value of social skills necessary to interact with a real human.

In the palm of your hands, you hold a device that accesses you entry to any place in the world. And if you’re that bored mid-lifer, you may be prone to forget your spouse and kids to meet that hot thing at your local coffee shop after a few picture exchanges . Or wherever. You’re grown, so you know where I’m going with this.

You experience anxiety, hot flashes and all manner of side effects if you’re not attached to a device. Your day is just different. Kinda surreal, to be accurate. When the tech department can’t fix that disposable device after it’s gone haywire from overuse, it sends you into a rage and you’re emotionally drained after you’ve frightened the unlucky agent who happened to clock in at your critical hour to do his job.

You’re the android you never thought possible. You’re the true machines (built by Steve Jobs) and overnight campers who don’t brush your teeth come morning time when the newest iPhone hits the market.

Man, I miss my Toshiba.

24 thoughts on “We’re All Controlled by Devices

  1. haha.. so very true.. I don’t have a smart phone just an ordinary clunky one which I use to text occasionally, so when I’m out of the house I’m not really attached. I don’t have a TV either but I DO have a computer, an old fashioned desk top one, and boy am I attached to it and , sad to say, to facebook !! Yipes !


    • No, no. It’s true. You see, folk don’t use or have to use their mind like they used to. There are more medications on the market than ever for all sortsa ailment and mental incapacities. Folk can look up how to commit all sortsa crimes too. These are no brainer type folks. Only a few natural type folks exist in the world anymore. Maybe you’re one of them. 🙂

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  2. The e-world has become our source for everything. Amazing how attached we have become in such a short time, isn’t it? I cannot even begin to think how I would survive without some means to attach to the outside world.

    But my friend, paint! Be joyous! Have fun.


  3. Totsy, if it were me, I couldn’t wait. I don’t have the patience. I’d be at the store just getting a new one. How I ever lived so many years and spent my youth without these electronics, I will never know. Actually, I could survive for quite a while without a computer as long as I have my iPad. I carry it everywhere!


    • Well, I did that last year when I bought this one. It’s under warranty, so now it’s a matter of seeing whether it’s my fault or theirs. I have my Nook and now on my daughter’s laptop, so I’m making out okay. Though it is time to make a call to see what the heck’s going on.


  4. We’ve grown dependent on these techno-marvels, haven’t we? I remember a time when having a computer of my own wasn’t even a possibility. Governments had computers, not people! Now look at us. I wonder what our children and grandchildren will come to take for granted…


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