The Dark Side of Artists

Around the MoonLast week, I saw the Jean Michel Basquiat movie. Andy Warhol was in it and in it, he died (from a botched surgical procedure). It never showed Basquiat’s tragic end but there was a blurb at the end that let viewers know how he transitioned. Though, you pretty much got to see how he’d end up by watching his extracurricular activities.

Always a heavy drinker, Jackson Pollock was in a car accident with his mistress and that’s how he transitioned. Mark Rothko led a life in deep depression and shortly after reuniting with his estranged wife, he slashed his wrists after drugging himself, or vice versa. Of course, you all know Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear. Around 2007, there was an article, and I can’t remember where I came upon it, but it was said to be likely that Van Gogh had autism. I don’t believe that. I simply believe he was depressed from being a struggling artist.

Anyway, I did a few paintings along the style of Frank Stella, like the one above. As I placed each one on my kitchen table, the thought came to me that I should do my place mats in this style. None of the four pieces I did are the same and I rather like that since variety is one of my favorite flavors. I’ll show them to you when I’m all done. It’s a little sad that lay folk give little or no thought to artistic contributions.

I hope you folks have enriched your homes with original works that are meaningful to you. Probably the lives of these men folk and art mean more to me than you but I wanted to share anyway since it’s my blog and all.

In the meantime, I think I can use this computer to commence with Sincerely, Beatrice. We’ll see.



21 thoughts on “The Dark Side of Artists

  1. This is a beautiful painting and I too am a fan of Frank Stella. I got to see some of his art at the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga.
    I agree that art enriches our environment and I’m thankful to have it around.
    Thank you for sharing these stories! I look forward to seeing your finished place mats. Hugs!

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    • Correction. Frank Stella is still around and working. It was Mark Rothko that killed himself. I don’t know how I mixed the two when their styles are so vastly different. maybe you’d like Rothko too. His work, even at a time when I didn’t care for abstract work, draws you in in a most mesmerizing way. It’s been described as emotional and he always said spiritual. It’s a lot of both.

      Glad you like the painting. My lines are so thin and done with watercolor. I like seeing the possibilities with other mediums when modeling the masters. Hugs back atcha!


    • Thank you.
      Yes, everything, including humans, began with creativity, which is why art is often described as a spiritual experience for some artists.

      ****Correction. Frank Stella is still around and working. It was Mark Rothko that suffered depression and committed suicide.

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    • Yes, I thought so. And that each one is different adds a little spice. I washed my canvas yesterday and will start laying out my color palette today. It’s all a part of my 2014 concept to decorate. Only my living room is fully where I want it. I have to get on the ball.

      *********Correction. Frank Stella is still around and working. It was Mark Rothko that suffered depression and committed suicide.


  2. We all have dark sides, and it does seem that creative folks tap into theirs more than most. Or maybe we just hear about it more.

    I have a mix of art around my house. Most of my originals were done by my brother, an artist/art historian turned computer geek so he could eat-and-send-his-kids-to-college. Oh and I have a Rembrandt etching — of his father. I bought it at an auction because I couldn’t believe I could afford to own a Rembrandt (my husband’s favorite artist). The man was U-G-L-Y!


    • Glad you have yourself some original art. It makes your home look rich and cultured. I think it’s a given that if an artist befalls a stereotype, should he/she die, it becomes well known if the artist is of note. I don’t know what they’ll say about me. Lordy mercy…


  3. Those would be superb placemats! Quite funky!
    Yes, I agree about the artists…Many great writers suffered from depression, alcohol, and suicide, as well. I wonder if this is the reason they became writers/artists/painters to begin with??

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    • Funky indeed.
      Yes, Hemingway shot himself in the mouth and also battled alcoholism. David Foster Wallace committed suicide and yours truly, Sylvia Plath, was a ball of emotions that led to the same fate. It would be interesting to know how many creative folk turned to writing and art to save themselves, which ultimately didn’t. But then, maybe, they gave us what they were supposed to for the time they did. Had they not turned toward their gifts, we wouldn’t have been blessed to know them at all. Blessings to them all.


  4. I do have some original paintings in my home. Some by local artsists and others by my kids and nieces and nephews. Someday when money starts to flow freely, i will add to my collection. I have my eye on a few artists! ❤


  5. In this I take after my father, though maybe not as obsessed as he was with art. Growing up, the walls of my home were filled with art, some originals, some replicas, and over the years, the collection grew. Wall-to-wall art, leaving no speck of wall exposed. From the floor to the ceiling, our house was filled with art. One, a Goya replica in the upstairs hallway, of a woman in a black veil scared me, but I loved most all the others, even the two paintings in the living room of naked women in different poses, by the same artist. But as for me, I can’t go to any street festival without stopping to look at the artwork, and quite often I end up with a new one to add to my “collection.” I won’t cover my walls like my father did, but I just love art, that which speaks to me. Like your work! Wow.


    • Wall to wall paintings, huh…Well, you had no choice but to like art. Your dad did good by you. Glad you like my work. Since I’m decorating, the art of course springs into my mind since I’ve acquired new originals. Take good care of your work.


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