Whatever Happened To…



Good day, folks. I bet you’re saying to yourself, “Totsy’s only here today on account of being bored and whatnot.” Well, you’ve pretty much hit the nail dead center on the head. You may also be asking yourself, “Did Totsy ever get her laptop back or will I have to buy her a new one?” Your last question may be, “What the heck happened to Beatrice’s comics? Who does she think she is, giving us a teaser and taking away the tickle?” Well, I appreciate your passion and all. My sympathies and heart go out to you.

To address your first question, or rather, assumption, I am somewhat bored. To explain my brief absence and to sum up the answers to your inquiries, I was working in the studio as a co-lead to a Katy Perry song but after about 10 seconds or so, they called off the deal, asked me to leave. When I refused, I ended up in the hospital with a large imprint on my bottom in the shape of a shoe. I’m so utterly confused  why this all happened and not knowing has me off kilter and whatnot. Know what I mean? Such a request has been a real head-scratcher but I aim to get some answers to my whys and whatnots. You feel me?

And yeah, I got my laptop back recently. I’ll resume with Beatrice on Sunday.

16 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To…

    • Well, I feel real blessed to be missed and all. I’m over the whole Katy incident. I’ll let her do her thing and go back to doing mine. She may have had a point, I’ll admit.


  1. How in the heck did I miss this post? It must be those darned Katy Perry people trying to sideline my admiration of you. Dang it!
    Glad you got your computer back and I’m glad you are still around. Looking forward to more!!!

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    • Not real sure how you missed it. May have been that clown tripping you up and whatnot. Or maybe you plum forgot all about li’l ole me after biting into a chocolate bar. 🙂


  2. Nothing like a kick in the pants to get you movin’! Its just better when it comes from you rather than someone else, don’t you agree? Looking forward to Bea’s return… 🙂


    • Me? Awesome and whatnot? Aw shucks. Gonna have to tell all the folks who take me for granted. Thank you for that awesome compliment. Think I’ll purchase me a crown from Party City and wear it to work. 🙂

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