Oprah and Her Disciples

"Oprah" Watercolor on Paper. Copyright 2012 Totsymae

“Oprah” Watercolor on Paper. Copyright 2012 Totsymae

No, this is not an Oprah-bashing blog post. I, rather, like Oprah. I’m not an Oprah fanatic, however. I’m too practical and level-headed to be fawning over her. I reserve all that for Harry Connick, Jr, Johnny Depp and, well, honestly, Denzel’s kinda fallen off the hot radar for me. I’m not sure why other than to say I’m not interested anymore. The love has gone stale, you might say.

Well, I was sitting here watching Dr. Phil and it got me to thinking about all the folk Oprah’s put on the map for us to follow. You have to admit, Oprah keeps good company. Not with us but us with her. Oprah’s, after all, the modern guru of self-help. And all the folk she’s put on the map wants to help you in some sorta way.

Suze Orman wants you pinch your pennies and squeeze  breakfast juice from them. Dr. Phil wants to rearrange your psyche and sell books by his son’s, Jay’s, publishing company. Iyanla Vanzant will come to your home and fix your life right at your kitchen table. Rachael Ray has the amazing gift of cooking you up a meal and talking your head off at the same time. She’s just amazing, folks. And last, but certainly not least, Dr. Oz will fix your heart and send you into an anxiety attack with his rushed speech and sense of urgency. Doc, I’m really gonna need you to slow down before watching you again, okay?

When you think about it, Oprah is…like…Jesus. She’s got herself a flock and her flock has a flocka folk following them. On Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. You name it. She took Jesus at his word and became fruitful by spreading the good word. I mean, her word must be good to have all these followers…like…Jesus. Verily, verily I say unto you, folks, I reckon if you’re a follower, you’re…ahem…a…worshipper.

I’m not sure how many disciples Oprah has. Probably twelve. I’m not rightly sure. You tell me, okay? And you know what else? All of Oprah’s disciples write books, same as what Jesus’ disciples did.

Look, I’m not here to judge ye, throw stones or anything of that nature. It just so happens that God spake these words unto me to put it out to you, alright?

27 thoughts on “Oprah and Her Disciples

  1. I don’t know Tots. I don’t really like her. And we’ve agreed to disagree on Dr. Phil too. I don’t know the other people you mentioned so I can’t comment on them. Opera is just sort of a phony. Phil is too. No wonder they are friends.


  2. Oprah has more than 12 disciples I’m afraid.
    I like her, too, but sometimes this worshiping & following is a bit ridiculous.
    And I believe, to be perfectly honest, Oprah thinks she’s similar to Jesus.


  3. A gorgeous painting young lady! You done good. Actually you did freaking fantastic!
    I’m on the fence about Oprah but I’ll say this… she built herself from not much and now she is one of the most influential and powerful women around. That didn’t happen by accident.


    • Thank you. I especially like the young part of that comment with my birthday coming and whatnot. I’m off the fence, being that it’s sort awkward and all to be on it. I agree with you. She was destined for where she is now.

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  4. Well, I think she has pawned off some charlatans on us. Phil is kinda the snake in the grass (sorry). Some of the others, not so much for me. Oprah, she is okay I suppose but why she gotta go and have herself air brushed thin on her mag every month?


    • Charlatans? Whoever is that? I, as you know, love Dr. Phil. I could be his disciple after watching all of his shows. I’d have myself airbrushed if it were my magazine too. I mean, it’s just paper and doesn’t diminish or whatever in my book. You don’t think it’s akin to being tatted? I mean, we’re all trying to say something when we change the surface, right?


  5. I’ve never been an Oprah fan and I don’t have much in the way of thoughts about her “disciples.” The sista has done well for herself and she has helped so many others, either directly or through her disciples and even I wouldn’t try to take anything away from her for that… but I had to laugh, Totsy, when you said she was like Jesus and His disciples; I suddenly got this image of Oprah with a beard that was just too damned funny to keep thinking about…

    Let us know when Oprah walks on water, will ya?


    • Yes, she has given back 100 times over. It just hasn’t trickled in my direction. Yet. I’m patient though. If she walks on water…well, I’d like to see that myself. Folk would probably be hatin’ on her for doing that, even if God had a hand in it. Which I do believe he has a strong hand in her life and all.


  6. You are brilliant, Totsy, and you make me laugh like nobody’s business. I like Oprah, though like you, I’m not obsessed. And I’m not crazy about some of apostles, like Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz. But the rest, they’re okay in my book, know what I mean?


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